Turkey tenders and spinach, cherry tomato and bacon omelette.

#leftoverlunch sauté shrimps and veg with simple salad.

Steak and 'sparagus dinner!

Sooo I walked into a maternity shop in United sq. need to survey some clothes in case I get preggy this month or next month right. Plus Isaac was sitting in the carousel train thingamajig-put-coin-to-move.

Over enthusiastic lady was speaking to me in mandarin, but I understand the gist of what she's trying to say.

👩🏻: so miss, how far along now are you??

💃🏻*mumble something incoherent cos haven't tiok yet

👩🏻: oh 2nd child ah? *then proceeds to bend down n look at my tummy*.

💃🏻: yes 2nd child.

👩🏻: oh ya lo. 2nd child can see very fast one!!!! You are about 4 months now right??
Yea your tummy is out. Over your shorts already. Yea u definitely need to buy our maternity shorts.

💃🏻 *proceeds to walk out of shop*

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