Pizza frittata with avocado.

Loving this pizza frittata. Maybe cos I'm craving pizza but I can't have any. Boohooo.

Simple dinner of salmon, roasted carrots and a portobello mushroom. Hahha.

Macros for after weight lifting. But I think the salmon not enough.

1 year ago.

Wtf happen to this chiobo.


Sorry I failed you

The husband bak chew tak stamp.

Says still look the same.

Huh kennel blind or something. Or he knows he's stuck with this shitz. Better make it smell good.

I cry. 😭😭😘

Sitting on a bus now.

With this lady buffing and filing her nails next to me!!

I'm about 5 mins more of tolerance left before I'm gonna ask her "ARE YOU FROM CHINA???!!"

Wtf. Don't get ppl doing personal hygiene stuff on buses.


Cc: @calistallicious on #buswoes

Ok I realize I sound dam racist but the smell of dead cuticles is nauseating ok.

Yesterday went for make up class!!

My first formal/hands-on make up class.

Very interesting as we got to know some tips and tricks on how to make the war paint stay on towards the day.

Gonna post my ughzzzz face so bare/bear with me haha.

So half the face was painted by the maestro, and the other half was for us to "replicate".

Not easy ah as the way she draw the eye brows dam pro.

And done!!!

Ok la, not bad la. I tried to follow as close as possible.

Gotta get me some concealer and primer.

Husband didn't like the lip colour as he said it's too bright. To be honest, I don't have any lipstick. Never bought one before. I got 1 as a gift years ago but hardly wore it as well.

But….I think getting Aunty old already, starting to like having colours on the lips.

Then we had our pics taken after the class!!!

Ana curled our hair too to look more vavavoom then we actually do!


Ahhh look like geisha ah. Hehe.

@ilovehoneystars your camera make everyone's eyes glistening and skin so dewy, like anak dara all of us!

All of us at the morning session.

I look like mamasan here.

All girls are of high quality. And they don't come cheap but can guarantee you a great time.

Visited my dad in East Coast in the late afternoon.

Where we went for a swim!!

He was down for a Singapore dog show and is one of the judges. So me, Isaac and the hubs went and kacau him in his hotel and use all them facilities!

Selfie with kongkong!!!!

Look at someone's extremely happy face!

And my FULL-MAKE face going to swim!

Someone's too happy la.

And I'm just worried getting my face wet with all his splashes!


After 40 mins of swim time, had a quick shower and nuaaa with kongkong!!

Zone out watching some tv!!

For dinner, we explored around joo chiat and ended up at Sinpopo.

Had their house specialty nasi lemak for two.

All their appetizers in the platter. Very Yums and I especially like the sambal. It's the sweet kind with onions and anchovies. The Rojak slaw was refreshing too.

Gorge my face silly!

Ended the meal with a gula Melaka cake!!

So moist and dense with just enough gula Melaka. Not jelat at all.

Not sure I would come back here again as it's quite out of the way and the wait time to get a seat is pretty long.

But food is good and price is reasons but on the high side.

This ah pek was darn happy the whole time too.

Must be the post swimming high. Oh we fed him some random chicken rice at east coast road cos we was getting hungry n cranky whilst we waited for a seat at Sinpopo

And drumroll! After getting splash in the pool, out in the sun & stuffing my face silly with food

The make up from the class still stayed!!

Including the lip colour.

So important to prime, conceals and powder for long lasting make up.

But…… I don't think I will make up everyday la. Maybe special occasion like meeting up with people. Hehe.

Totally packed day yesterday whilst today just nuaaaaaa.

Ok that's all for my intermittent updates.

As for Isaac, still not in favour of eating peanuts!

Still have to coax him to eat them. His 2 weeks of eating peanut is not up yet but he refuses to have anything to do with them.

As long as he has ingested some small amounts then it's good enough.

Will continue force feeding him the peanut for the rest of the week.

Been having chest pain the whole day. Left side. Must be from lifting too heavy at the gym on Tuesday. Haha.

I think it's muscle ache. Not heart ache.

Looking so cute in his borrowed ride.

Today the helper gave him 6 cookies smeared with peanut butter on it. He tolerated it well. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰





Thanks for the wishes everybody!

Unfortunately he cannot eat the bread for peanut butter sandwich.

Hahha. Ironic.

Conventional bread usually has milk powder in it.

Back to regular program.

Dinner of Japanese scallops in orange sauce and stir fry asparagus.

Finish off dinner with guava and Asam powder.

Just when I thought that my shit is hitting the fan….

For the past week, I've actually gotten 2 awards at work!

I am like….. 😱😱😱😱😱

And πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Happy at the same time.

@m3lcsnippet I use the one!

My kind of dinner.
Steak and potatoes.


Pray for a safe challenge for Isaac tomorrow.


First time at Pek Kio market. Trying out the best prawn mee according to ieatishootipost. Sgd10 bucks. I really like the soup. Prawns very fresh too.

This is brunch.

Took a bus to the market from our place.

My fav yellow curry soft shell crab from Nara thai with blue jasmine rice.

I iz happy.

Also had grilled pork shoulder with tamarind sauce.

That's Isaac's grubby hands. Can't wait to dig into it.

He ate 1 whole plate of blue rice and half of this pork shoulder.

And ended the meal with coconut ice cream with 8 condiments.

Super value this one. Condiments got atap chi, corn, nangka, green chendol strands thingy, red ruby, sticky rice, peanuts, Nata de coco.

So full after that.

Walked around orchard but nothing to be bought. So sad. Go home and sulk.

You know, I'm really scared.

Isaac's peanut challenge is on Tuesday.

And I'm really…

I'm in 2 minds to cancel the peanut oral challenge.

Dr Chiang (google her, quite a well known allergist) shared with us many months ago her experience with giving a peanut challenge to her patient.

The boy is 6 years old with history of severe egg allergy on top of his peanut allergy.

So, she started him on the peanut challenge and he vomited and vomited and vomited until he lost consciousness.

She mentioned she had a hard time stabilizing him even though she gave 2 shots of adrenaline.

His BP just keep crashing and crashing and in the end, she had to put him on triple inotropes.

This is what I remembered from what she shared la.

So now it's been playing at the back of my head on what will potentially happen to Isaac.

Aiyooo, I don't want to see him having a severe anaphylaxis episode again.

And he is only 3 this year. Not as develop as a 6 year old. I don't know whether his

Body can handle the peanut challenge.

What do you think I should do?

The in-house dr doesn't seem to be too concerned. He thinks that Isaac's IgE thither level for peanut is high but not that high, so it's pretty ok to intro to him. If not, why would the dr want to let challenge him on peanut.

But, my mama instinct is still scared!

I shall ask the nurse who is going to do the challenge on her experience with kids who have severe egg and dairy allergy on top of the peanut allergy,

how their reaction was.

If it's pretty severe, THATS IT, I'm canceling the peanut challenge!!

What's the use of letting him eat a little peanut if he's going to be dead!

I rather he not eat peanut…ever and still have my cheeky monkey with me a while longer.

Ok, abit morbid, but yes, it's been eating at me and I need to let it out.

-ok the end-

Otw to mandarin class this morning.

I thought he looked so mature with the backpack and walking to class.

So I ask him to turn around for me to snap a photo.

And this is what I got.

And this…



@choopeechu @xiive since he loved the first book you bought him, the damned parents bought him a 2nd book at popular today to entertain (read: irritate) the hell out of us.

If u didn't get the first book, we wouldn't know they existed in the first place. Replaced battery once already for the first book.

Butterfly song complete with butterfly action.

He says it's the same song sung at school, and I compared with the Chinese character, it really is the same!

Smart boy ah.

Some rat and mouse song.

Excuse the husband necrotic eczematous feet.

Give me child birth anytime than this #*#**#*}}*Β₯$€\ food poisoning.

At least I know for labour, phase 1 maybe 3 hours, actual pushing less than 45 mins and source of discomfort is out.

Now this abdominal cramps has no reprieve!!!! More than 48 hrs already!!! 1000 trips to the loo and counting. This last hour it was 4 trips.

I am a shrunken salted vegetable state.

Pretty sure my poop hole has molten up by now.

My son gave me a get well soon flowers.

Been running a fever with stomach cramps.

Epic food poisoning ever. Nothing to do with the gluten and dairy this one. More than 24 hrs already and I'm still lausaing.

Can I quit life? Because my gut is quitting the life out of me!

*purge purge purge*

I wanna go home and sleep.

My amazing and understanding boss let me go home and sleep!!

Wave me off and ask me to rest well sumore!!!

#wheretofind #inmyoffice #ilovemyboss

Also loaded up on 4 x 250mg charcoal for the journey home.


Went back here again for dinner tonight.

Had to have avocado coffee.

Met up with a friend who flew in from Sabah to attend a conference.

Tried their pulled chicken in truffle mayo burger.

Was quite Yums.

Also ordered side of baked chicken wings which was really good with lemon grass seasoning? Chili also very shiok but not as hot. More sweet but garlicky enough.

Also shared stuffed mushroom which I thought was ok but husband liked it.

Then we went to The tiramisu shop which smelled so good when we walked in.

Smelled like waffles! My friend ordered a Nutella waffles but I forgot to take a picture of it. It was one of the nicer waffles I had in a while.

And this thick toast of butterscotch banana icecream Nutella combo. Very good too.

Unfortunately I sat on the throne shortly after. Hehe.

Would definitely go back for the torture again. Nubbad la.

Just reread my old Twitter feed.

I think I must be suffering from some form of mental illness. Definitely not very stable. Circa 2012-2013. Must be the PTSD.


I see him playing with stickers. Looks fine. Will check when I get back if he has fever.

Wanna take him to the park to let loose some steam.

So Isaac's got the flu.

His been dripping clear droplets from his nose. Plus he has some low grade fever since Sunday.

The problem is I can't give him anyyyyy anti-histamines now as he is due for a oral peanut challenge this 25th August.

We need to have his body free of anti-histamines for 14 days and a bit more for better results.

If he gets worse, I have to give him the flu meds and reschedule his peanut challenge appointment. I've already done so once because he had the cold too.

Giving us some timeline to "handle" this drippy nose:
– if by this Sunday his fever still does not resolve, I will nuke him with the flu meds.
-postpone his appointment because if he is sick, he won't be able to do the peanut challenge anyway.

In the meantime, we are giving him panadol syrup nightly so he doesn't have to battle the fever demon and give me some form of rest. Hehe.

Had me some awesome charsiew & siew yoke rice for brunch.

We're gonna head back today.

But Isaac is running a fever. A bit of a cold too. 😷😷


Self fed himself because can't wait for mummy to feed. He needs to have the bkt in his mouth stat!


Crab curry rocks!

My cycle in KL is complete.

2nd round today!

XO durian. Rm14/kg.

Pry the 2 sac open.

Luscious yellow soft flesh waiting to be eaten.

Surprisingly very creamy and no "alcohol" taste detect. It was sweet too. The last time o had XO it was too soft almost getting bad and tasted like bitter alcohol.

2nd sac was not bad either.

I over stuffed myself this time in KL.

I have a food baby!!!

Ugly Duckling

Paper dosai for tea time?

Of course!!

Otw to dinner to celebrates Ah Yi @ashleysmq birthday!

So happy!!!

1kg rm20 only!!!!

I think I started out pretty alright in the first few years of life.

Then low self esteem and fighting with the siblings made me self feed a lot.

Jealousy started when all of the sudden when I was 4 my mom went away for a few days and no one told me what happen and came back with a red ugly crying thing (brother).

Then to make things worse, few months after that my parents went off to US Disney etc for reward of this 2nd child and I was left all alone again!

Me at 9. Not too bad. But not a sight for sore eyes either.

Beginning to bloat in size.

Had a monster of a piano teacher who made my self esteem even worse!!

She would tell me I'm stupid and whack me dam bad for accidentally slipping my fingers on her keys. She had a really thick stick measuring 1 inch by 2 inch in width and thickness that she will whack me with.

And if she didn't like how u played, she would SLAM UR FUCKING FINGERS TO THE PIANO N SHUT THE COVERS ON UR FINGERS!!

Me at 10! My piano teacher decided my long hair didn't please her n she chopped it off.

This was after it grew back nicely. It was actually cut into mushroom shape!!

Again, all this my parents never say anything about the abusive piano teacher.

@strawbee ME WHEN I WAS 11!!!

So dam beautiful!!!

At 12! The peak of my beautiful mess.

This was after 2 best friends got stolen from me in 2 consecutive years coupled by abusive piano teacher which made my self esteem suffered even lower than it already had been.

I'm so fat that my double eyelids from childhood days are gone!

To top it off, this was my IC picture and I had to use this pic till I was 18!!

There are no such thing as ugly girls, only lazy girls.

After 14, got a little boy crazy, was asked by my friends to starve myself so boys will like me.

So I did!

And also joined swimming club which I was president for sec 4 and sec 5.

Was also a school prefect from sec 1 to sec 5 so you could really tell I was "soooooo popular"!!!

Begin to look better at 16 and had my first bf around there. That time also still chubby but self esteem recovered thanks to a few good friends I made in LEO club. Service above self made me a better person

Realize everytime after I eat durian, I get inspired to tell stories.

Must eat more durians.
-the end-


I've already showed all this picture to the gullible husband when we were going out. I do not know why he still went on to marry me. Doesn't he know his kids will turn out ugly too??

Then he showed me all his obese childhood pictures too!! Hahha laugh die me!

Same boat. Only I thought he was better looking cos he has better facial features than me!

2 fatties got married to each other in the end!

Is it me or does Isaac have a 5 o clock shadow above his lips?? 😱😱.

He peed on the mattress protector last night. Luckily bed did not get soaked through. He woke up n told me "mummy, wet now!" And cried when I brought him to the toilet.

I think his butt must be cold n wet when I took his clothes off to change. Haha.

I had spicy beef brisket la mien for lunch because I wanted curry YTF after looking at someone's breakfast.

Got my spicy kick but tummy not thanking me for the noodles.

And 3 hours after lunch, noodles has gone down the poop chute with some stinging involve. No wonder I felt sick just now. Gluten, why r u so bad.

Oh man it's nearly 8pm

Dinners cooked and husbands not back. My tummy is still hurting from the gluten fest.

I've seriously no appetite.

Good way to lose weight I guess?

I've also packed for me and Isaac for our trip back to KL over the long weekends.

Don't miss us too much though, we will just be gone till this Sunday. Hehe.

Good morning.

Breakfast of gluten-free paleo blueberry waffles.

Thanks ah! So cheeenaaa!

@choopeechu @xiive


Baked mustard chicken thighs on bed of salad.

Helper gave me too much food. Took half of salad and 2/3 of the thighs.


We are only at maccas because Isaac wanted French fries. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Finished my double filet-o-fish and I can't do the curly fries anymore.

The taste is so…. 😷😷😷😷

Good morning!!

Egg, bacon and butterhead lettuce.

No pee today!!

The wetness only from the heavy rain outside!!

Saying bye to him before he head off to school!!

He has his raincoat on and rain boots on!!! So bloody happy to wear them.

Seriously man….can give me a proper smile ah??

This morning I woke at 5am for a little tinker and asked him whether he needs to pee!!

Eyes still firmly shut, he shook his head. I carried him to the toilet anyway and he stood up and pee after that.

So that's how I avoided the bed being peed on!!! 5am pretty reasonable time I must say to have hold the pee from 9pm the night before.

2 dry nights and counting!

This running out of diapers thing is not so bad after all

Wish me luck guys!!

My internship presentation happening at 12pm!

Stomach ache ah now.

Ok done!!!

Can relax liow!!

Everyone think we did a great job!

They will take back our suggestion and the leadership team will then either approve or not approve the budget and activities that we suggested and see how that goes!


Now can concentrate on baby making!!!

Some baked chicken wing action time!!! With steam broccoli on the side!

Portion today. No control I think. Haha. Cos the wings look small!

Oh nooooo. Someone was fretful the whole night!!

He kept making uncomfortable sounds and toss n turn.

At 4.30am he had an accident. And we ask him this morning what happen, he said he was dreaming that he was falling down in his dreams. 😱😱😱


Simple salad and steak.

It was raining cats and dogs this morning, so Isaac put on his raincoat.

He look so cute trying to button it up.

Mummy, help me please?

Here is his "just woke up 5 minutes ago" face.

All puffy from lack of sleep.

So I button the raincoat up for him and off he went closing the door behind him.

Too cute…even though he peed the bed!!!!

Also said "thanks mom and see you later when I come back from school ah?"

Yup my 3 year old sometimes speaks like a 40 year old auntie in pasar.

Someone's very excited with all the colours!!

We received it yesterday!

Thank you @choopeechu @xiive and Paddy for the thoughtful gift!!!

He was playing with the minion and Thomas train during @calistallicious birthday luncheon. Of course with your "tools" he manage to make a girl laugh and they had a ball of a time! Cc:@hotcakes

There there all we got!

Is everything accounted for? Hehe.

As for the flash card, Isaac was teaching Sophie how to say some words. Dam funny!!!

And @choopeechu your name is as sexy as i imagine it to be #shudder. Hahha.

Thanks guys! Isaac really appreciate the gifts.

Chinese dinner time!!

Bakuteh and stir fry veg!

Woke up to my boy being all adult-y.

It's the first night he did not wear any diapers to sleep!! And the bed stays dry!

So happy!!!

Fed himself his breakfast because he said he is so clever.

Calls for a celebration!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Home made soy bean. Mmmm. Not bad.

Dimsum for lunch


First time at Peach garden.

Salted egg fish skin. Addictive.

My favorite. Peking duck!!! But I still think the imperial treasure paragon one is the best.

Some shark fin soup thing.

I didn't have it cos didn't feel like sharkfin today. Luckily didn't cos somebody was gonna order another portion

#savemoney for her. Haha.

Oh this was quite good too!!

Wasabi prawns which really cleared the nostrils.

And salted egg prawns!

And Bambi!!!!

So tender!!! Always ate Bambi, I mean deer, when we were in Sabah. Not easy to find this part of the world though.

Isaac and aunty @strawbee hehe.

Both so good looking ah.

And then omg cos I'm so chio today, I will post up all 3 group shots that we took.



I tot I look like bak chang but since I don't….

The best shot of all of us!!!

Had a great time eating everything today. Gluten or not.

Whack only.

For more informative and descriptive event, please refer to:
@onefiveo @xsnow @strawbee @ilovehoneystars @hotcakes @gameofscones and birthday gal @calistallicious dayre. Lols.

We got home and all of us pass out from 2.45pm until 4.15pm.

That was a gooooddddd nap!

Since we were all still full from lunch, we decided to eat "light".

Isaac had his teriyaki chicken don and I had chirashi don. Refreshing ah.

Hubs had tempura udon.

N went walk walk around orchard. And the end!! Now back home.

What terrible sleep. Isaac woke me up at least 3 times.

Bacon, eggs & lettuce.

Later got to bring him to mandarin class.

2nd breakfast.

Dropped off Isaac to mandarin class. So have 1.5hrs to kill and decided to err eat again. Haha.

Stuff cabbage with dipping sauce.

Dipping sauce made from non-soy sauce.

Pour the sauce over.

The insides.

Burp.. I ate 5 pcs. It's all steamed.