Oh nooooo. Someone was fretful the whole night!!

He kept making uncomfortable sounds and toss n turn.

At 4.30am he had an accident. And we ask him this morning what happen, he said he was dreaming that he was falling down in his dreams. 😱😱😱


Simple salad and steak.

It was raining cats and dogs this morning, so Isaac put on his raincoat.

He look so cute trying to button it up.

Mummy, help me please?

Here is his "just woke up 5 minutes ago" face.

All puffy from lack of sleep.

So I button the raincoat up for him and off he went closing the door behind him.

Too cute…even though he peed the bed!!!!

Also said "thanks mom and see you later when I come back from school ah?"

Yup my 3 year old sometimes speaks like a 40 year old auntie in pasar.

Someone's very excited with all the colours!!

We received it yesterday!

Thank you @choopeechu @xiive and Paddy for the thoughtful gift!!!

He was playing with the minion and Thomas train during @calistallicious birthday luncheon. Of course with your "tools" he manage to make a girl laugh and they had a ball of a time! Cc:@hotcakes

There there all we got!

Is everything accounted for? Hehe.

As for the flash card, Isaac was teaching Sophie how to say some words. Dam funny!!!

And @choopeechu your name is as sexy as i imagine it to be #shudder. Hahha.

Thanks guys! Isaac really appreciate the gifts.

Chinese dinner time!!

Bakuteh and stir fry veg!

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