Woke up to my boy being all adult-y.

It's the first night he did not wear any diapers to sleep!! And the bed stays dry!

So happy!!!

Fed himself his breakfast because he said he is so clever.

Calls for a celebration!!! šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰

Home made soy bean. Mmmm. Not bad.

Dimsum for lunch


First time at Peach garden.

Salted egg fish skin. Addictive.

My favorite. Peking duck!!! But I still think the imperial treasure paragon one is the best.

Some shark fin soup thing.

I didn't have it cos didn't feel like sharkfin today. Luckily didn't cos somebody was gonna order another portion

#savemoney for her. Haha.

Oh this was quite good too!!

Wasabi prawns which really cleared the nostrils.

And salted egg prawns!

And Bambi!!!!

So tender!!! Always ate Bambi, I mean deer, when we were in Sabah. Not easy to find this part of the world though.

Isaac and aunty @strawbee hehe.

Both so good looking ah.

And then omg cos I'm so chio today, I will post up all 3 group shots that we took.



I tot I look like bak chang but since I don't….

The best shot of all of us!!!

Had a great time eating everything today. Gluten or not.

Whack only.

For more informative and descriptive event, please refer to:
@onefiveo @xsnow @strawbee @ilovehoneystars @hotcakes @gameofscones and birthday gal @calistallicious dayre. Lols.

We got home and all of us pass out from 2.45pm until 4.15pm.

That was a gooooddddd nap!

Since we were all still full from lunch, we decided to eat "light".

Isaac had his teriyaki chicken don and I had chirashi don. Refreshing ah.

Hubs had tempura udon.

N went walk walk around orchard. And the end!! Now back home.

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