Good morning!!

Egg, bacon and butterhead lettuce.

No pee today!!

The wetness only from the heavy rain outside!!

Saying bye to him before he head off to school!!

He has his raincoat on and rain boots on!!! So bloody happy to wear them.

Seriously man….can give me a proper smile ah??

This morning I woke at 5am for a little tinker and asked him whether he needs to pee!!

Eyes still firmly shut, he shook his head. I carried him to the toilet anyway and he stood up and pee after that.

So that's how I avoided the bed being peed on!!! 5am pretty reasonable time I must say to have hold the pee from 9pm the night before.

2 dry nights and counting!

This running out of diapers thing is not so bad after all

Wish me luck guys!!

My internship presentation happening at 12pm!

Stomach ache ah now.

Ok done!!!

Can relax liow!!

Everyone think we did a great job!

They will take back our suggestion and the leadership team will then either approve or not approve the budget and activities that we suggested and see how that goes!


Now can concentrate on baby making!!!

Some baked chicken wing action time!!! With steam broccoli on the side!

Portion today. No control I think. Haha. Cos the wings look small!

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