Is it me or does Isaac have a 5 o clock shadow above his lips?? 😱😱.

He peed on the mattress protector last night. Luckily bed did not get soaked through. He woke up n told me "mummy, wet now!" And cried when I brought him to the toilet.

I think his butt must be cold n wet when I took his clothes off to change. Haha.

I had spicy beef brisket la mien for lunch because I wanted curry YTF after looking at someone's breakfast.

Got my spicy kick but tummy not thanking me for the noodles.

And 3 hours after lunch, noodles has gone down the poop chute with some stinging involve. No wonder I felt sick just now. Gluten, why r u so bad.

Oh man it's nearly 8pm

Dinners cooked and husbands not back. My tummy is still hurting from the gluten fest.

I've seriously no appetite.

Good way to lose weight I guess?

I've also packed for me and Isaac for our trip back to KL over the long weekends.

Don't miss us too much though, we will just be gone till this Sunday. Hehe.

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