Ugly Duckling

Paper dosai for tea time?

Of course!!

Otw to dinner to celebrates Ah Yi @ashleysmq birthday!

So happy!!!

1kg rm20 only!!!!

I think I started out pretty alright in the first few years of life.

Then low self esteem and fighting with the siblings made me self feed a lot.

Jealousy started when all of the sudden when I was 4 my mom went away for a few days and no one told me what happen and came back with a red ugly crying thing (brother).

Then to make things worse, few months after that my parents went off to US Disney etc for reward of this 2nd child and I was left all alone again!

Me at 9. Not too bad. But not a sight for sore eyes either.

Beginning to bloat in size.

Had a monster of a piano teacher who made my self esteem even worse!!

She would tell me I'm stupid and whack me dam bad for accidentally slipping my fingers on her keys. She had a really thick stick measuring 1 inch by 2 inch in width and thickness that she will whack me with.

And if she didn't like how u played, she would SLAM UR FUCKING FINGERS TO THE PIANO N SHUT THE COVERS ON UR FINGERS!!

Me at 10! My piano teacher decided my long hair didn't please her n she chopped it off.

This was after it grew back nicely. It was actually cut into mushroom shape!!

Again, all this my parents never say anything about the abusive piano teacher.

@strawbee ME WHEN I WAS 11!!!

So dam beautiful!!!

At 12! The peak of my beautiful mess.

This was after 2 best friends got stolen from me in 2 consecutive years coupled by abusive piano teacher which made my self esteem suffered even lower than it already had been.

I'm so fat that my double eyelids from childhood days are gone!

To top it off, this was my IC picture and I had to use this pic till I was 18!!

There are no such thing as ugly girls, only lazy girls.

After 14, got a little boy crazy, was asked by my friends to starve myself so boys will like me.

So I did!

And also joined swimming club which I was president for sec 4 and sec 5.

Was also a school prefect from sec 1 to sec 5 so you could really tell I was "soooooo popular"!!!

Begin to look better at 16 and had my first bf around there. That time also still chubby but self esteem recovered thanks to a few good friends I made in LEO club. Service above self made me a better person

Realize everytime after I eat durian, I get inspired to tell stories.

Must eat more durians.
-the end-


I've already showed all this picture to the gullible husband when we were going out. I do not know why he still went on to marry me. Doesn't he know his kids will turn out ugly too??

Then he showed me all his obese childhood pictures too!! Hahha laugh die me!

Same boat. Only I thought he was better looking cos he has better facial features than me!

2 fatties got married to each other in the end!

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