So Isaac's got the flu.

His been dripping clear droplets from his nose. Plus he has some low grade fever since Sunday.

The problem is I can't give him anyyyyy anti-histamines now as he is due for a oral peanut challenge this 25th August.

We need to have his body free of anti-histamines for 14 days and a bit more for better results.

If he gets worse, I have to give him the flu meds and reschedule his peanut challenge appointment. I've already done so once because he had the cold too.

Giving us some timeline to "handle" this drippy nose:
– if by this Sunday his fever still does not resolve, I will nuke him with the flu meds.
-postpone his appointment because if he is sick, he won't be able to do the peanut challenge anyway.

In the meantime, we are giving him panadol syrup nightly so he doesn't have to battle the fever demon and give me some form of rest. Hehe.

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