Went back here again for dinner tonight.

Had to have avocado coffee.

Met up with a friend who flew in from Sabah to attend a conference.

Tried their pulled chicken in truffle mayo burger.

Was quite Yums.

Also ordered side of baked chicken wings which was really good with lemon grass seasoning? Chili also very shiok but not as hot. More sweet but garlicky enough.

Also shared stuffed mushroom which I thought was ok but husband liked it.

Then we went to The tiramisu shop which smelled so good when we walked in.

Smelled like waffles! My friend ordered a Nutella waffles but I forgot to take a picture of it. It was one of the nicer waffles I had in a while.

And this thick toast of butterscotch banana icecream Nutella combo. Very good too.

Unfortunately I sat on the throne shortly after. Hehe.

Would definitely go back for the torture again. Nubbad la.

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