First time at Pek Kio market. Trying out the best prawn mee according to ieatishootipost. Sgd10 bucks. I really like the soup. Prawns very fresh too.

This is brunch.

Took a bus to the market from our place.

My fav yellow curry soft shell crab from Nara thai with blue jasmine rice.

I iz happy.

Also had grilled pork shoulder with tamarind sauce.

That's Isaac's grubby hands. Can't wait to dig into it.

He ate 1 whole plate of blue rice and half of this pork shoulder.

And ended the meal with coconut ice cream with 8 condiments.

Super value this one. Condiments got atap chi, corn, nangka, green chendol strands thingy, red ruby, sticky rice, peanuts, Nata de coco.

So full after that.

Walked around orchard but nothing to be bought. So sad. Go home and sulk.

You know, I'm really scared.

Isaac's peanut challenge is on Tuesday.

And I'm really…

I'm in 2 minds to cancel the peanut oral challenge.

Dr Chiang (google her, quite a well known allergist) shared with us many months ago her experience with giving a peanut challenge to her patient.

The boy is 6 years old with history of severe egg allergy on top of his peanut allergy.

So, she started him on the peanut challenge and he vomited and vomited and vomited until he lost consciousness.

She mentioned she had a hard time stabilizing him even though she gave 2 shots of adrenaline.

His BP just keep crashing and crashing and in the end, she had to put him on triple inotropes.

This is what I remembered from what she shared la.

So now it's been playing at the back of my head on what will potentially happen to Isaac.

Aiyooo, I don't want to see him having a severe anaphylaxis episode again.

And he is only 3 this year. Not as develop as a 6 year old. I don't know whether his

Body can handle the peanut challenge.

What do you think I should do?

The in-house dr doesn't seem to be too concerned. He thinks that Isaac's IgE thither level for peanut is high but not that high, so it's pretty ok to intro to him. If not, why would the dr want to let challenge him on peanut.

But, my mama instinct is still scared!

I shall ask the nurse who is going to do the challenge on her experience with kids who have severe egg and dairy allergy on top of the peanut allergy,

how their reaction was.

If it's pretty severe, THATS IT, I'm canceling the peanut challenge!!

What's the use of letting him eat a little peanut if he's going to be dead!

I rather he not eat peanut…ever and still have my cheeky monkey with me a while longer.

Ok, abit morbid, but yes, it's been eating at me and I need to let it out.

-ok the end-

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