Yesterday went for make up class!!

My first formal/hands-on make up class.

Very interesting as we got to know some tips and tricks on how to make the war paint stay on towards the day.

Gonna post my ughzzzz face so bare/bear with me haha.

So half the face was painted by the maestro, and the other half was for us to "replicate".

Not easy ah as the way she draw the eye brows dam pro.

And done!!!

Ok la, not bad la. I tried to follow as close as possible.

Gotta get me some concealer and primer.

Husband didn't like the lip colour as he said it's too bright. To be honest, I don't have any lipstick. Never bought one before. I got 1 as a gift years ago but hardly wore it as well.

But….I think getting Aunty old already, starting to like having colours on the lips.

Then we had our pics taken after the class!!!

Ana curled our hair too to look more vavavoom then we actually do!


Ahhh look like geisha ah. Hehe.

@ilovehoneystars your camera make everyone's eyes glistening and skin so dewy, like anak dara all of us!

All of us at the morning session.

I look like mamasan here.

All girls are of high quality. And they don't come cheap but can guarantee you a great time.

Visited my dad in East Coast in the late afternoon.

Where we went for a swim!!

He was down for a Singapore dog show and is one of the judges. So me, Isaac and the hubs went and kacau him in his hotel and use all them facilities!

Selfie with kongkong!!!!

Look at someone's extremely happy face!

And my FULL-MAKE face going to swim!

Someone's too happy la.

And I'm just worried getting my face wet with all his splashes!


After 40 mins of swim time, had a quick shower and nuaaa with kongkong!!

Zone out watching some tv!!

For dinner, we explored around joo chiat and ended up at Sinpopo.

Had their house specialty nasi lemak for two.

All their appetizers in the platter. Very Yums and I especially like the sambal. It's the sweet kind with onions and anchovies. The Rojak slaw was refreshing too.

Gorge my face silly!

Ended the meal with a gula Melaka cake!!

So moist and dense with just enough gula Melaka. Not jelat at all.

Not sure I would come back here again as it's quite out of the way and the wait time to get a seat is pretty long.

But food is good and price is reasons but on the high side.

This ah pek was darn happy the whole time too.

Must be the post swimming high. Oh we fed him some random chicken rice at east coast road cos we was getting hungry n cranky whilst we waited for a seat at Sinpopo

And drumroll! After getting splash in the pool, out in the sun & stuffing my face silly with food

The make up from the class still stayed!!

Including the lip colour.

So important to prime, conceals and powder for long lasting make up.

But…… I don't think I will make up everyday la. Maybe special occasion like meeting up with people. Hehe.

Totally packed day yesterday whilst today just nuaaaaaa.

Ok that's all for my intermittent updates.

As for Isaac, still not in favour of eating peanuts!

Still have to coax him to eat them. His 2 weeks of eating peanut is not up yet but he refuses to have anything to do with them.

As long as he has ingested some small amounts then it's good enough.

Will continue force feeding him the peanut for the rest of the week.

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