I don't know how to #flatlay but it's nice spending time alone with myself and a cuppa.

Isaac's in mandarin class, husband is at work. Ahhhh.

Also not suppose to eat this. But nobody is here to stop me Hahahha

Dinner of mushroom cheese burger at patties & wiches. Buns were nice. Burger patties was good but for $25 it's quite average la.

Last night restaurant week at indocafe. Also our #datenight

Starters of nyonya rojak and Kueh pie tie.

Love the pie tie because crunchy and small shrimps inside. But the nyonya rojak is more tomato based than peanut sauce based. Too sourish for my liking. Not sure whether it was mash prawns or random fried dough on the rojak.

Main dishes.

Ayam buah keluak, beef rendang, babi pongteh and cod fish Ikan masak merah.

All are very good!!! But I don't quite like the texture of the beef rendang made from beef cheeks. At this pregnancy moment, beef cheeks are "geli" to me. It's very soft and tender though.

Desserts was chendol pana cotta!

I love this!! Smoothest pana cotta I ever had, inside had that green chendol strips, Gula Melaka syrup on the side. Had nata de coco inside but I didn't like it so scoop it out.

Would go back just for this.

#ootd last night on our date. #dressingthebump

Playsuit with bat wings!!!!

When I put it on, you should have seen Isaac's face. Like "mummy is batwoman!"


Toddler and hubby approved outfit.

Lunch today

I'm growing an Asian baby!!!

It only wants to eat Asian food nowadays. Hates salad!!!!

Give me all the ckt, mee Siam, laksa etc!!

N cheese n carbs (not related to being Asian)

Skin Prick Test & blood igE today.

Still very reactive.

Results of skin prick test done today.

From top: milk, egg, egg (not sure which is white and which is yolk)

Bottom row: cashew nut, control histamine and saline.

Blood test also taken. Review is on 11 November.

Didn't go to school today because of blood test.

So #tigermom says do some home mandarin exercise book!


Don't know how to hold pencil yet, but must still write nicely!!

Actually this round consider quite lucky already.

He only had 6 pricks on the skin and 5mls of blood drawn.

Last year was double that! And they took blood with a butterfly clip. I think about 2 blood tubes full.

Found last years test!!

16 pricks!!

The biggest one at the bottom right is cashew nut. Looks similar to this year also. Huge!!

Last years milk also huge!! Top 2nd from right.

My threenager is still sleeping at 8am!

It's unheard off.

And best part was, the whole night he did not wake up to look for me…at all!!!

Granted he slept at 10.30pm which is 1-2 hrs past his bedtime. I wonder what was the difference?

Usually if he sleeps late, he will wake up more frequently to look for me.

This time zilch, nada, nothing.

Should I be worried?

Phew!!! He's up at 9.09am.

I kept checking the CCTV every 5 mins to see whether he's up or not.

Cos unusual ma!!!

Ok glad he's back to his assholey self. He told the helper to stop scolding him and go away.

πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜› everything's fine now.

Cheesy date!

Whilst frying teriyaki chicken for Isaac's lunch

"Don't forget to cook rice also ah!"

Says the 3 year old.

Yes master. Of course I won't forget.

Brunch is served.

Because he couldn't wait for lunch. With a drink of mr.bean soya drink.

Half way through…

"Later you take for me sumore rice ah? I want big big rice!"

Yes master.

So he ate 1 drumstick, 1 wing and 2 inch of chicken breast. With 1 adult portion of rice.

Post carnage.

Before I loaded this pic up, he told me,

"Later you put the rice and more chicken into my school Tupperware ok? And put inside my school bag."

Maybe he knew we were going out and worried he doesn't have more food!

At the rate he is eating, serhon and me will be bankrupt trying to feed him when he's a teenager.

Not 10 mins after finishing his brunch.

Snacking on sweet potato biscuits. Notice on the coffee table, he has got his raisins ready too!!!

So his packed rice and teriyaki was untouched.

But he had loads of raisins with his little friend who is a girl hehe.

He was very happy to see her and shouted "HI SOPHIEEE!" When he spotted her from afar. But when she came near, he was all quiet and shy. Heh typical threenager.

Mummy and her pregger and non-pregger friends had cheesy porn sandwiches.

But somehow the imagination is more pleasurable than reality.

Also, that's what you get when you watch too much porn. The reality does not match what that is played out in real life.

Thank you for indulging me in my cravings @strawbee @hotcakes and @delight !

Imaginary hot melted cheesy porn was so much better.

I read somewhere cheese is like crack and the craving for it is real. Something to do with the brain sensors as registering casein as one of the stimulants that lights up the brain addiction parts. Same like cocaine. But don't take my word for it. Haha.

Isaac is clearly embarrassed with his parents.

Typical #threenager.

It starts young. Of course the parents did not help his cause. They were indulging in some xxxxx-rated shit there.

Practicing his "hey girl" smouldering look.

How? Succeeded or not?

I guess it worked!!!

He got her to hold his hands. Haha. And she looked delighted!

Matt, don't kill him! @hotcakes

After lunch and chat with the girls, we decided to head to taka to check out some bed and oven for the new place.

Both father and son passed out in a similar position on the ride there.

'Invested' for ourselves the most affordable (cheapest) mattress and bed-frame we could find.

We thought it was a pretty decent deal as they had the $20 bucks voucher back for everywhere $200 spent. Score!!

Plus collected some points with the taka card too!


And guess what the little master decided he wants to eat for dinner.

More rice!!!!

Japanese rice…

With chicken.

Teriyaki chicken! 😱😱😱😱😀😀😀😀

And he finished the whole dam bowl!!!

Wtf. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

Boring guy.

The whole day eat same thing also can. Sheesh.

Isaac first school concert!


Jealous of my parents who are in Auckland NZ with clear blue skies.

Too cute!!!!

My little spider. 😍😍😍

Concert was today!!


Doing his thing for the closing song.

So proud!!!

Although he had an allergic reaction towards the end. Think he touched his classmates cake!!

We were so proud of his entire pre-nursery class. They did very well in the performance.


I think it has ended

#mybfjourney has come to a halt.

In the past week or so, Isaac has been giving me "feedback" on why "no more milk one"

It was about 15 weeks into this pregnancy when I too notice when I try to hand express, nothing comes out. No matter how much massage, hot water flowing on it etc.

You are right Isaac, no more milk!!

So it has officially ended for Isaac at #39 months. I'm glad I breastfeed you all those months. The first #24 months was out of nessecity with your dairy allergy.

The rest is for hydration, comfort, everything you can think of that a child may need.

When I just found out I was expecting again, breast feeding came with a little resentment. Because it was painful. My nipples was sooo sooo sore. Every suckle felt like he was biting me.

So I told him, you can only suckle a little bit and veryyyy veryyyy gently. He would have silent tears because I'm taking away his most favorite thing in the world!

I told him he can hug me tight tight to sleep. Which he

has been doing. He still asks for nen nen everyday. I would tell him no more milk.

He would still insist and cry and so I'll let him latch. And after 2 suckles, he will declare "no more milk" and roll off laughing and do some annoying thing that toddlers do. Like rolling on the bed and summersaulting.

I don't doubt that I will be tandem breast feeding when the milk comes in again. I've read somewhere it might come back in the 3rd trimester, so I'll update you guys again then on #mybfjourney

This waking up at 3am daily to pee and not able to fall asleep is making me so HANGRY!

I already drank some hot essence of chicken but my tummy still feels so "acidy".

Dam you gastric juices.

@cikumuffin I wan to eat your cake!!!! All the flavors you can bake!!

It's 5am! And couldn't sleep since 3.15am.

Feel a little short of breath although I don't think any things wrong.

So trueeeeee!!!

I do take selfies, post it up. Look at it abit more and take it down.

In reality I'm ugly as fuck so why would I put that shit up?

I may like my own face, but that doesn't mean everyone has to.

I find full pictures of all the glorious lumps and bumps much nicer.

Keeping it real though.

Is that why everyone says I'm having a girl? I'm so lumpy now. Hehe.

When I read this on Instagram…

Reminds me so much…of my SIL

Save the world, save the orang asal for a good cause.

But yeap, no real warmth and depth.

Selfish too. Thinks getting married and having kids are a waste of time.

I don't see her cause. Work work work but for what? If u tell me it's making loads of money so she can have a better life, I totally understand.

Always busy but nothing changes.

I think that's just like a cow, whole day chewing grass to become curd. Useless stuff.

She accuses us of chasing materialism. But I see it as providing a comfortable home for our love ones.

Look at your own mother who chases material stuff.

U don't see me buying frivolous stuff just because someone has it.

Who can say that they are still wearing clothes that they bought since 15 yo and after giving birth? Not many right?

I am a budget hunter, but I don't buy cheap clothes in a bundle shop that don't last 2 washes. I save for what last and matters.

Yesterday's #ootd skirt I had it since 16!!

Wore it through 2 pregnancy. Yes, it may be fraying at the rubberise waist, but only I know that ( ok now all 50 of u reading this) n it still works and still looks good.

Not branded, just departmental store brand.

Since coming to Singapore I must admit that I got a few branded bags to fit in. I felt self conscious with my Β£2 primark bag, so with serhons first pay check, I got myself a Gucci bag. At the airport on 30% sale & duty free.

I thought it was a good buy! Sumore save abit more from duty free!

But once I took it out to use it, I felt I had to "care" for the bag more than how I was walking or my surroundings. And all the stains from the jeans transferring on to the leather.

So i thought I need another new bag. 2nd bag was a mulberry Alexa in pink. I was looking at it because it was 40% off and another 10% off taka member sale. Picked it up, admired it n put it back down.

Then, someone picked it up and said.

I'll never buy this type of bag

That was enough to make me want it.

Hubs, I'll take this bag please. It's so cute. #truthis I like it, but I don't absolutely love it.

No prizes for who said the famous last word. You can guess!!!!

3rd branded bag was a push present. Calf skin black tote Gucci bag. Soooo smooth and so soft the skin. This I love. Husband got good taste but I felt more annoyed than happy he got it because "hey we just had a baby and u spend so much money on this bag ah?".

4th is the classic Chanel.

I think it was an impulse buy. The whole HK trip was just my friends msg me on whatsapp telling me it's so much cheaper in HK getting a bag there bla bla bla.

Traveling with other ppl made of $$$$ did not help too.

I just wanted to have a feel of the bag. In Chanel. And I tot all this mainland Chinese ppl buying Chanel like its candy, I wanted in too!

First day, no luck. No sales person free to show me anything. Dam mainland ppl.

2nd day walked into another Chanel boutique quite early in the morning. Assistants were all cheery and accommodating before the mad rush of the mainlanders.

One girl was so nice to show me what I requested and patient too. Answering my noob question of the size difference and what different leathers are available and what is more durable etc.

There, sold! I'll take one please!!!!! I was expecting the hubs to say no or give me a look. But he also smile smile and take out credit card.

Because, whatever to make you happy he says.

I'm like u dickhead, so expensive!! Stop me la!!!!!!

I would prefer he put up abit of a fight. But noooo so willing to part money.

And that's it. That's the last. I felt so stupid buying that bag. I use it on choice occasion and in places where I know good quality stuff and people are appreciated (like in Japan) also where u don't feel as if ppl envy u for taking it out. Or get mugged (like in kl).

For that bag, I think I had 1 year of regret. Kept justifying that buy. Even ask a few friends if they wanna take it off me.

Most of them scolded me and say keep it for your daughter. If u sell it now, even when u are able to afford it next times, it will be so expensive that u can't buy it anymore.

So no more, I will not be buying anymore of anything that cost a months pay.

I'm so happy with my discounted Zara bags!

That doesn't mean I don't shop. But I only shop when there are sales (which is quite often) or when I know it's a good deal.

If I already have something, I won't get a double of it.

I'm just stingy like that la. Sue me la!

I know there is a lot of spelling mistakes and bad grammar but I'm keeping it real and not correcting them. Also, I'm lazy as F to do that.

Lunch situation….

With the team…

It's huge. N there is only 5 of us.

Also, I think I finally feel some kicks.

I think only la…

Either that it's gas.

The office is having a field day guessing the gender of my baby. Even the cleaner lady had her say on the gender. It's actually quite funny and endearing at the same time.

I have no idea what the gender is yet. Will find out in November on our 20 week scan.

So far 80% says it's a girl.

A wise person said "what do you want? Then it shall be it la!" Lols. Duh yes…obviously.

#ootd #dressingthebump

Craving for super cheesy grilled cheese sandwiches.


Porn to me right now. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

All wet. Watering.


Also can't wait to eat these in early November.

Polo bun, gonna eat all that I come across.

And roast goose!

Arghhhh come to momma!

Pregnancy #ootd

Ok must admit don't look preggy.

No wonder nobody gip me seat in bus today. #cries


Long time no see Mei Mei and JieJie!!

Evening play time with the kids in the hood.

Very thankful our current "ngiau" landlord did not kick up a fuss when the hubs told him we will be moving out end November/early December.

Can move in peace. πŸ˜‡

'Cruelty' of a child

Yesterday I was looking at myself in the mirror and sucking my gut in. I thought it looked rather flat when I was sucking it in. So I told the hubs

"Eh if I suck it in, I don't look pregnant right?"

Then this Isaac as usual being the sharp and alert guy that he is said..

"What! (Very exaggerated)You want the baby to laugh at you ah?" And proceeded to laugh the "ha ha ha" like Count Dracula type of laugh.

Hubs looked at me and said "there, you have your answer!"

Shot down by a 3 year old.

#truthis I prefer being told how it is than sugar coating stuff.

Keeps me in check and in line.

Also, darn cute la. His little character showing through. Hehe.

New rental place

Met up with old friends from kota Kinabalu who came down for their relatives wedding.

And….we had radioactive mutton marrows πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ and roti john with mutton stuffings.

In other news

We will be moving to a new rental place soon in December.

More details once the contract lease is signed. Bigger place for sure with the new addition coming soon.

Hello new place.

The building is quite old but not as old as our first rental when we moved to Singapore. That was built in the 70s. This is 1998 so still a teenager!

It's bright and airy. And best part is its right opposite united square and Isaac's favorite chicken rice store!! Whoop whoop!!!

Kitchen was recently renovated so it's quite new. Only thing is that it has no oven.

We do more than 50 percent of our cooking using an oven so this is a challenge for us. Need to get one soon.

The place has 3 bedrooms and each room has its own built in wardrobe, so yeay to storage space!

Decent size rooms. All rooms can fit queen bed. Master room comes with attached bathroom

There's a common bathroom for both the common rooms to share and a WC in the kitchen.

So no more holding in your shit at the new place! Woot!

Quite lucky to find an affordable place with good location.

Plus we signed the offer letter and met the landlords who seem pretty nice.

They grew up in novena area and has several properties dotted around novena

Quite an elderly couple, maybe about 70+ but luckily not "nigau" like our current landlord.

We Won't be spending money sprucing the place up, just need to buy a bed frame and mattress for me n batman.

We are currently sleeping on a 20 yo mattress which was given to us by husbands kind parents of a colleague who renovated their place and wanted to get rid of their old furniture.

Us being "poor" took in all their old furniture. Free ma, take la!!!!

Can't imagine if we were to furnish the empty rental place with new furniture, it's gonna cost us a bomb!

Anyone has contact for honest movers?

Previous ones we got charged us 50 bucks for every flight of steps they took and wanted to charge us 2 rounds of loading and unloading of furniture. Pissed off!

Oh and super super super best part about this

The rent/month is cheaper than our current smaller place!!!


Current place only 2 bedrooms with 2 bathroom and nothing else as it is a terrace house where we rent the top floor. Landlords daughter stays on the lower floor.

This place has 3bd, 3 bath, proper kitchen and swimming pool! Old la, but hey pool is clean n swimmable!! Yeay! Yeay! Yeay!

Just saved my husband 300 bucks every month. Woot!

Best compliment/criticism today

"Eh you don't look pregnant from behind. You just look abit fat."

Take it as glass half full. πŸ˜‡

Random funny tweet this morning.

Times corrected a tweet.

But I prefer the "error" better.

Laughed out loud when I saw this.

Clever play with words.

Woooo. So deep. Hehe

About last night.

This is my first time meeting Kate and what a @delight she is!!

Absolutely warm and honest, love that about a person.

I can be abit too blunt so forgive me if I have offended you in anyway. Hehe.

We talked for a good 4 hours whilst bitching about durian pengat hoarding guest and talked about everything and nothing under the sun.

It was not enough that 4 hours. And I would agree with her that the food was a 7, ambience 8 but company a 10!

"Quick, smile girls!"

Moved to a more comfortable spot for better gossiping session.

And our #bumpfie!

I must say, her bump is so cute and neat. I'm just blehhh all over.

No wonder sumore today said I look fat!

I blame you lobsters!!

16 weeks today.

And excited for some crustaceans tonight.

@delight @hotcakes

I even dressed up a little.

How? Like this can?

#ootd #bumpfie #heavilyfiltered

@delight a bumpfie later when we meet? The twins are safely ensconced in potato sacks.

My starters!

I'm sorry I couldn't wait. Hungers!

One thing I hate most is people who cannot be responsible and trustworthy.

Take responsibility of your own actions.

No matter how deeply religious or go to as many worship events, if you are still an asshole person, you will always be one.

And you judging other people and saying they are not straight forward with you is a poor excuse for your terrible behavior.

Look at yourself and how you conduct your life.


Oh, and if you owe people money already, pay them back.

Especially for the flight tickets to Sydney.

That is as straight forward as they come by honey, if you still don't get it…not even the gods can help you.


God knows you don't have one?


Happy 5th anniversary! #101010

And last night a certain species of extinct bird got engaged!!!

Congratulations @doooduuu and fiancΓ© although getting her to pay attention to the proposal took alotttttt of effort.

Yesterday we went to lepak with aunty @strawbee at Marina mandarin!

Isaac took full advantage of the facilities. Went splashing around the pool whilst waiting for the main event to start.

And after the show and a quick shower, someone was hooked to the tv! Watch until mouth cannot close.

We don't have a tv at home hence the explanation on why he turns into a zombie whenever a tv is spotted nearby.

"Draw me like one of your French girls"

Chut pattern whilst watching tv.

Facebook says we've been married for 5 years.

Happy anniversary!

Out on a date. We tried to recreate that photo but phail.

#101010 5th year wedding anniversary dinner at sopra.

Cos the baby wanted to have pizza. So pizza we shall have. Like ALOT of pizza.

My tummy….but ok I don't lausai now.

Failed #flatlay.

Ermmm our pizza. One is salami, the other has bacon.

N both has cheese. Ahaha. Sorry I don't remember what it is.

Growing taller by the day. He's able to look over the balcony now by tiptoeing.

Still gets excited whenever the garbage man comes. Which is everyday! And he will say hi!!!! And wave to them. And he will tell me that they are his friends.

And the best part is, they wave back at him. 😍

Children's day party today!

Too bad can't come with you. Mummy has ran out of leaves.

But daddy is taking you. Have fun!

Got handsome?

Had the shortest antenatal review in my life.

Waited for 1 hr and 45 minutes for my review and I was in and out of the room in less than 5 minutes. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

It is a subsidize clinic in kkh but hey, at least pretend to be concern la.

Anyway the MO asked basic questions to make sure I wasn't bleeding and luckily at least listen to the baby's heartbeat with a Doppler. Heard the heartbeat for only 5 seconds ok. I counted.

She wasn't rude and the only reason I'm at kkh subsidize clinic is because I'm saving money n that even in private

Clinic reviews, I don't think there is any value added information for me.

So….suck it up, butter cup.

I'm saving money for that ridiculously expensive stroller n buying it in a heartbeat once if the gender is confirmed to be a girl.

Am currently only at 15 weeks, but it feels like I've been pregnant FOREVER!!

Went for a prenatal massage

Saving grace was for that I went for my virgin prenatal massage ever!!

I'm having a really bad shoulder ache and neck strain. And the massage was really Shiok.

Funny thing happen was, the first therapist was so good. Pain but the "release" was ahhhhh!!

Then she had someone come in cos I heard the bell ring and she asked another therapist to take over. The 2nd therapist was not Shiok at all cos too light. πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

Told her 1st therapist after the massage as she was manning the counter. She said

She was sorry had to let the other lady takeover as she had a meet up with another client. Plus she was very apologetic about it n gave me 10 bucks off the 60 bucks fee.

Told her if I were to Come again, I would ask for her. She said of course! N she seem like the lady boss la. Not angry at her la. Just like my shiokness was interrupted lo.

I would go back again if my shoulder at neck ache is very bad.

Things I learned

My husband is the type of husband that answers the doctors questions for me when we are in the doctors room for a review.

He also answers the questions during Isaac's allergy reviews.

Is he the "helicopter mom" that he writes about?

I think so lo!!!!!

What do you guys think?

Today's #ootd

So…..can see?

Black cloud has finally lifted

Black clouds and the blues have finally lifted.

Now I feel social again. Would like to kaypoh every bodies lives again.

Dayre friends have been amazing and full of concerned off dayre and on dayre.

I just want to thank you guys for checking on me.

I've recently lost a lot of motivation even at work (stuck at this darn document for 1.5 months). Just can't bring myself to finish it. It's dam easy but when I look at the monitor, I just cannot.

Proceeds to the loo n vomit unicorn shit.

It's all imaginary and I don't know what to do with my brains!

I don't need professional help just yet because the professional at home says I'm just being a drama queen!

So….its been like this for 2-3 months. Maybe it will improve soon but I can't be arsed to do a lot of things.

Luckily I still wan to make up a little bit and dress up a little bit. Otherwise is zzzzz…

I can't eat buffet now cos appetite has been reduced greatly too.

Nvm. Shall pass soon.