Happy 5th anniversary! #101010

And last night a certain species of extinct bird got engaged!!!

Congratulations @doooduuu and fiancé although getting her to pay attention to the proposal took alotttttt of effort.

Yesterday we went to lepak with aunty @strawbee at Marina mandarin!

Isaac took full advantage of the facilities. Went splashing around the pool whilst waiting for the main event to start.

And after the show and a quick shower, someone was hooked to the tv! Watch until mouth cannot close.

We don't have a tv at home hence the explanation on why he turns into a zombie whenever a tv is spotted nearby.

"Draw me like one of your French girls"

Chut pattern whilst watching tv.

Facebook says we've been married for 5 years.

Happy anniversary!

Out on a date. We tried to recreate that photo but phail.

#101010 5th year wedding anniversary dinner at sopra.

Cos the baby wanted to have pizza. So pizza we shall have. Like ALOT of pizza.

My tummy….but ok I don't lausai now.

Failed #flatlay.

Ermmm our pizza. One is salami, the other has bacon.

N both has cheese. Ahaha. Sorry I don't remember what it is.

Growing taller by the day. He's able to look over the balcony now by tiptoeing.

Still gets excited whenever the garbage man comes. Which is everyday! And he will say hi!!!! And wave to them. And he will tell me that they are his friends.

And the best part is, they wave back at him. 😍

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