Best compliment/criticism today

"Eh you don't look pregnant from behind. You just look abit fat."

Take it as glass half full. 😇

Random funny tweet this morning.

Times corrected a tweet.

But I prefer the "error" better.

Laughed out loud when I saw this.

Clever play with words.

Woooo. So deep. Hehe

About last night.

This is my first time meeting Kate and what a @delight she is!!

Absolutely warm and honest, love that about a person.

I can be abit too blunt so forgive me if I have offended you in anyway. Hehe.

We talked for a good 4 hours whilst bitching about durian pengat hoarding guest and talked about everything and nothing under the sun.

It was not enough that 4 hours. And I would agree with her that the food was a 7, ambience 8 but company a 10!

"Quick, smile girls!"

Moved to a more comfortable spot for better gossiping session.

And our #bumpfie!

I must say, her bump is so cute and neat. I'm just blehhh all over.

No wonder sumore today said I look fat!

I blame you lobsters!!

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