New rental place

Met up with old friends from kota Kinabalu who came down for their relatives wedding.

And….we had radioactive mutton marrows 😋😋 and roti john with mutton stuffings.

In other news

We will be moving to a new rental place soon in December.

More details once the contract lease is signed. Bigger place for sure with the new addition coming soon.

Hello new place.

The building is quite old but not as old as our first rental when we moved to Singapore. That was built in the 70s. This is 1998 so still a teenager!

It's bright and airy. And best part is its right opposite united square and Isaac's favorite chicken rice store!! Whoop whoop!!!

Kitchen was recently renovated so it's quite new. Only thing is that it has no oven.

We do more than 50 percent of our cooking using an oven so this is a challenge for us. Need to get one soon.

The place has 3 bedrooms and each room has its own built in wardrobe, so yeay to storage space!

Decent size rooms. All rooms can fit queen bed. Master room comes with attached bathroom

There's a common bathroom for both the common rooms to share and a WC in the kitchen.

So no more holding in your shit at the new place! Woot!

Quite lucky to find an affordable place with good location.

Plus we signed the offer letter and met the landlords who seem pretty nice.

They grew up in novena area and has several properties dotted around novena

Quite an elderly couple, maybe about 70+ but luckily not "nigau" like our current landlord.

We Won't be spending money sprucing the place up, just need to buy a bed frame and mattress for me n batman.

We are currently sleeping on a 20 yo mattress which was given to us by husbands kind parents of a colleague who renovated their place and wanted to get rid of their old furniture.

Us being "poor" took in all their old furniture. Free ma, take la!!!!

Can't imagine if we were to furnish the empty rental place with new furniture, it's gonna cost us a bomb!

Anyone has contact for honest movers?

Previous ones we got charged us 50 bucks for every flight of steps they took and wanted to charge us 2 rounds of loading and unloading of furniture. Pissed off!

Oh and super super super best part about this

The rent/month is cheaper than our current smaller place!!!


Current place only 2 bedrooms with 2 bathroom and nothing else as it is a terrace house where we rent the top floor. Landlords daughter stays on the lower floor.

This place has 3bd, 3 bath, proper kitchen and swimming pool! Old la, but hey pool is clean n swimmable!! Yeay! Yeay! Yeay!

Just saved my husband 300 bucks every month. Woot!

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