Very thankful our current "ngiau" landlord did not kick up a fuss when the hubs told him we will be moving out end November/early December.

Can move in peace. šŸ˜‡

'Cruelty' of a child

Yesterday I was looking at myself in the mirror and sucking my gut in. I thought it looked rather flat when I was sucking it in. So I told the hubs

"Eh if I suck it in, I don't look pregnant right?"

Then this Isaac as usual being the sharp and alert guy that he is said..

"What! (Very exaggerated)You want the baby to laugh at you ah?" And proceeded to laugh the "ha ha ha" like Count Dracula type of laugh.

Hubs looked at me and said "there, you have your answer!"

Shot down by a 3 year old.

#truthis I prefer being told how it is than sugar coating stuff.

Keeps me in check and in line.

Also, darn cute la. His little character showing through. Hehe.

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