It's 5am! And couldn't sleep since 3.15am.

Feel a little short of breath although I don't think any things wrong.

So trueeeeee!!!

I do take selfies, post it up. Look at it abit more and take it down.

In reality I'm ugly as fuck so why would I put that shit up?

I may like my own face, but that doesn't mean everyone has to.

I find full pictures of all the glorious lumps and bumps much nicer.

Keeping it real though.

Is that why everyone says I'm having a girl? I'm so lumpy now. Hehe.

When I read this on Instagram…

Reminds me so much…of my SIL

Save the world, save the orang asal for a good cause.

But yeap, no real warmth and depth.

Selfish too. Thinks getting married and having kids are a waste of time.

I don't see her cause. Work work work but for what? If u tell me it's making loads of money so she can have a better life, I totally understand.

Always busy but nothing changes.

I think that's just like a cow, whole day chewing grass to become curd. Useless stuff.

She accuses us of chasing materialism. But I see it as providing a comfortable home for our love ones.

Look at your own mother who chases material stuff.

U don't see me buying frivolous stuff just because someone has it.

Who can say that they are still wearing clothes that they bought since 15 yo and after giving birth? Not many right?

I am a budget hunter, but I don't buy cheap clothes in a bundle shop that don't last 2 washes. I save for what last and matters.

Yesterday's #ootd skirt I had it since 16!!

Wore it through 2 pregnancy. Yes, it may be fraying at the rubberise waist, but only I know that ( ok now all 50 of u reading this) n it still works and still looks good.

Not branded, just departmental store brand.

Since coming to Singapore I must admit that I got a few branded bags to fit in. I felt self conscious with my £2 primark bag, so with serhons first pay check, I got myself a Gucci bag. At the airport on 30% sale & duty free.

I thought it was a good buy! Sumore save abit more from duty free!

But once I took it out to use it, I felt I had to "care" for the bag more than how I was walking or my surroundings. And all the stains from the jeans transferring on to the leather.

So i thought I need another new bag. 2nd bag was a mulberry Alexa in pink. I was looking at it because it was 40% off and another 10% off taka member sale. Picked it up, admired it n put it back down.

Then, someone picked it up and said.

I'll never buy this type of bag

That was enough to make me want it.

Hubs, I'll take this bag please. It's so cute. #truthis I like it, but I don't absolutely love it.

No prizes for who said the famous last word. You can guess!!!!

3rd branded bag was a push present. Calf skin black tote Gucci bag. Soooo smooth and so soft the skin. This I love. Husband got good taste but I felt more annoyed than happy he got it because "hey we just had a baby and u spend so much money on this bag ah?".

4th is the classic Chanel.

I think it was an impulse buy. The whole HK trip was just my friends msg me on whatsapp telling me it's so much cheaper in HK getting a bag there bla bla bla.

Traveling with other ppl made of $$$$ did not help too.

I just wanted to have a feel of the bag. In Chanel. And I tot all this mainland Chinese ppl buying Chanel like its candy, I wanted in too!

First day, no luck. No sales person free to show me anything. Dam mainland ppl.

2nd day walked into another Chanel boutique quite early in the morning. Assistants were all cheery and accommodating before the mad rush of the mainlanders.

One girl was so nice to show me what I requested and patient too. Answering my noob question of the size difference and what different leathers are available and what is more durable etc.

There, sold! I'll take one please!!!!! I was expecting the hubs to say no or give me a look. But he also smile smile and take out credit card.

Because, whatever to make you happy he says.

I'm like u dickhead, so expensive!! Stop me la!!!!!!

I would prefer he put up abit of a fight. But noooo so willing to part money.

And that's it. That's the last. I felt so stupid buying that bag. I use it on choice occasion and in places where I know good quality stuff and people are appreciated (like in Japan) also where u don't feel as if ppl envy u for taking it out. Or get mugged (like in kl).

For that bag, I think I had 1 year of regret. Kept justifying that buy. Even ask a few friends if they wanna take it off me.

Most of them scolded me and say keep it for your daughter. If u sell it now, even when u are able to afford it next times, it will be so expensive that u can't buy it anymore.

So no more, I will not be buying anymore of anything that cost a months pay.

I'm so happy with my discounted Zara bags!

That doesn't mean I don't shop. But I only shop when there are sales (which is quite often) or when I know it's a good deal.

If I already have something, I won't get a double of it.

I'm just stingy like that la. Sue me la!

I know there is a lot of spelling mistakes and bad grammar but I'm keeping it real and not correcting them. Also, I'm lazy as F to do that.

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