I think it has ended

#mybfjourney has come to a halt.

In the past week or so, Isaac has been giving me "feedback" on why "no more milk one"

It was about 15 weeks into this pregnancy when I too notice when I try to hand express, nothing comes out. No matter how much massage, hot water flowing on it etc.

You are right Isaac, no more milk!!

So it has officially ended for Isaac at #39 months. I'm glad I breastfeed you all those months. The first #24 months was out of nessecity with your dairy allergy.

The rest is for hydration, comfort, everything you can think of that a child may need.

When I just found out I was expecting again, breast feeding came with a little resentment. Because it was painful. My nipples was sooo sooo sore. Every suckle felt like he was biting me.

So I told him, you can only suckle a little bit and veryyyy veryyyy gently. He would have silent tears because I'm taking away his most favorite thing in the world!

I told him he can hug me tight tight to sleep. Which he

has been doing. He still asks for nen nen everyday. I would tell him no more milk.

He would still insist and cry and so I'll let him latch. And after 2 suckles, he will declare "no more milk" and roll off laughing and do some annoying thing that toddlers do. Like rolling on the bed and summersaulting.

I don't doubt that I will be tandem breast feeding when the milk comes in again. I've read somewhere it might come back in the 3rd trimester, so I'll update you guys again then on #mybfjourney

This waking up at 3am daily to pee and not able to fall asleep is making me so HANGRY!

I already drank some hot essence of chicken but my tummy still feels so "acidy".

Dam you gastric juices.

@cikumuffin I wan to eat your cake!!!! All the flavors you can bake!!

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