Cheesy date!

Whilst frying teriyaki chicken for Isaac's lunch

"Don't forget to cook rice also ah!"

Says the 3 year old.

Yes master. Of course I won't forget.

Brunch is served.

Because he couldn't wait for lunch. With a drink of mr.bean soya drink.

Half way through…

"Later you take for me sumore rice ah? I want big big rice!"

Yes master.

So he ate 1 drumstick, 1 wing and 2 inch of chicken breast. With 1 adult portion of rice.

Post carnage.

Before I loaded this pic up, he told me,

"Later you put the rice and more chicken into my school Tupperware ok? And put inside my school bag."

Maybe he knew we were going out and worried he doesn't have more food!

At the rate he is eating, serhon and me will be bankrupt trying to feed him when he's a teenager.

Not 10 mins after finishing his brunch.

Snacking on sweet potato biscuits. Notice on the coffee table, he has got his raisins ready too!!!

So his packed rice and teriyaki was untouched.

But he had loads of raisins with his little friend who is a girl hehe.

He was very happy to see her and shouted "HI SOPHIEEE!" When he spotted her from afar. But when she came near, he was all quiet and shy. Heh typical threenager.

Mummy and her pregger and non-pregger friends had cheesy porn sandwiches.

But somehow the imagination is more pleasurable than reality.

Also, that's what you get when you watch too much porn. The reality does not match what that is played out in real life.

Thank you for indulging me in my cravings @strawbee @hotcakes and @delight !

Imaginary hot melted cheesy porn was so much better.

I read somewhere cheese is like crack and the craving for it is real. Something to do with the brain sensors as registering casein as one of the stimulants that lights up the brain addiction parts. Same like cocaine. But don't take my word for it. Haha.

Isaac is clearly embarrassed with his parents.

Typical #threenager.

It starts young. Of course the parents did not help his cause. They were indulging in some xxxxx-rated shit there.

Practicing his "hey girl" smouldering look.

How? Succeeded or not?

I guess it worked!!!

He got her to hold his hands. Haha. And she looked delighted!

Matt, don't kill him! @hotcakes

After lunch and chat with the girls, we decided to head to taka to check out some bed and oven for the new place.

Both father and son passed out in a similar position on the ride there.

'Invested' for ourselves the most affordable (cheapest) mattress and bed-frame we could find.

We thought it was a pretty decent deal as they had the $20 bucks voucher back for everywhere $200 spent. Score!!

Plus collected some points with the taka card too!


And guess what the little master decided he wants to eat for dinner.

More rice!!!!

Japanese rice…

With chicken.

Teriyaki chicken! 😱😱😱😱😀😀😀😀

And he finished the whole dam bowl!!!

Wtf. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

Boring guy.

The whole day eat same thing also can. Sheesh.

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