Skin Prick Test & blood igE today.

Still very reactive.

Results of skin prick test done today.

From top: milk, egg, egg (not sure which is white and which is yolk)

Bottom row: cashew nut, control histamine and saline.

Blood test also taken. Review is on 11 November.

Didn't go to school today because of blood test.

So #tigermom says do some home mandarin exercise book!


Don't know how to hold pencil yet, but must still write nicely!!

Actually this round consider quite lucky already.

He only had 6 pricks on the skin and 5mls of blood drawn.

Last year was double that! And they took blood with a butterfly clip. I think about 2 blood tubes full.

Found last years test!!

16 pricks!!

The biggest one at the bottom right is cashew nut. Looks similar to this year also. Huge!!

Last years milk also huge!! Top 2nd from right.

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