Last night restaurant week at indocafe. Also our #datenight

Starters of nyonya rojak and Kueh pie tie.

Love the pie tie because crunchy and small shrimps inside. But the nyonya rojak is more tomato based than peanut sauce based. Too sourish for my liking. Not sure whether it was mash prawns or random fried dough on the rojak.

Main dishes.

Ayam buah keluak, beef rendang, babi pongteh and cod fish Ikan masak merah.

All are very good!!! But I don't quite like the texture of the beef rendang made from beef cheeks. At this pregnancy moment, beef cheeks are "geli" to me. It's very soft and tender though.

Desserts was chendol pana cotta!

I love this!! Smoothest pana cotta I ever had, inside had that green chendol strips, Gula Melaka syrup on the side. Had nata de coco inside but I didn't like it so scoop it out.

Would go back just for this.

#ootd last night on our date. #dressingthebump

Playsuit with bat wings!!!!

When I put it on, you should have seen Isaac's face. Like "mummy is batwoman!"


Toddler and hubby approved outfit.

Lunch today

I'm growing an Asian baby!!!

It only wants to eat Asian food nowadays. Hates salad!!!!

Give me all the ckt, mee Siam, laksa etc!!

N cheese n carbs (not related to being Asian)

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