It's my birthday, and I'll party if I want to.

But…nahhhhh. Need to last minute pack tonight and I'm still very under the weather and still went to work. Dam you leaky nose!

Although for lunch I had mcd burger which my colleagues belanja me with.

The new flavour of beef clubhouse and truffle fries and red velvet mcflurry and Coke float.

They tried to persuade me to eat at a restaurant with steak, but I'm like errr I want mcd? Haha. I'm a cheap date.

They also very sweet!!

Went and fasterly 5 mins before lunch grab vouchers from motherworks for me for my pressie.

My first present today!! 😍😍😍😍

Ok la, my mom gave me a present few days ago too of a sweet necklace.

Isaac gave me a viral gift literally so I'm making lots of tissue wantan with the gift!

Exactly 2 years ago.

Got his dancing groove already back then.

We were moving a little of our stuff over to the new place this afternoon.

Our little helper, helping us out.

Hard work huh.

Peppa pig time at united square.

Vip seat on daddy's shoulder.

Wooo I didn't know loratidine has an effect on baby

He's been moving around a lot in my tummy for the past 2 hours.

Like mini vibrations here and there. I've checked, it's not gas!!! It's him thumping here and there.


Actually, whenever we give Isaac his Zyrtec, he goes on hyper mode as well. So maybe didi is the same!

First person to the meeting! Nobody is here yet.

Expecting to see my ex colleagues from the authority. Wohoo.


Exactly 2 years ago. Isaac was so cuteeeee!

What happen to him???

Wa phuar pi liow.

Isaac keep coughing at my face.

And now, I have the sniffles and itchy throat too. Dizzy already.

Quite poor thing la this Isaac.

Tossed and turn the hold night.

Temperature up to 39â€ĒC.

Then diapers over flow. Good sign though, means he's not dehydrated.

Then around 5am suddenly said pain pain. Found out because his lips very dry and his face was stuck to the rubberize mat.

Woke up with blood marks all over his lips and his sleeves. Cos he was mouth breathing the whole night, hence dry mouth, lips all cracked and bleed.

But when I left for work he was chirpy. 😅

Waved me off from the balcony too! And with flying kisses. 😘😘😘

It's nearly 12 in the arvo. But I still feel like death.

Waking up multiple times to care for a sick child and preggy is……I cannot ah.


I love this pope Francis.

Dam right, Xmas this year is a charade when whole world is at war.

So wise.

Ffffffffff social conventions!!!

I am so gonna get muh hair done like that one of these days. Hopefully in the next 12 months.

I'll work the hair. And that ass too.

If I can't get is as vibrant as the first pic, maybe this will do!!

But, since I have bills to pay and a job to keep, I think this rainbow hair colour is most likely to happen.

Need money ah for impending birth and house rent and etc.

Alamak, Isaac suddenly got fever.

And the thermometer ran out of battery.

And the batteries are pack. Not sure which box it is. ðŸ˜ĩðŸ˜ĩðŸ˜ĩ

Someone has a new hobby and I'm back to being the neglected wife.


Sometimes I feel I can't relate to a lot of people.

And it's ok.

Sometimes I don't know their angle.
And you feel as if they've got something to hide. And you never know them completely.

I am complete transparent. What you see is what you get. Yes, I am a direct bitch, but I don't pretend to be not one.

So I don't get people who pretend to be nice but are actually not very nice?

And start prodding. Lack of maturity?

Low self esteem?

I don't know.

If I want to be nice, I'll be nice. And if I'm not nice, sucks to be on my receiving end of not nice.

I can sense when an ulterior motive is being laid in front of me.

I'm not stupid.

Suddenly you are being nice to me…because?

Suddenly you start asking me stuff because????


Can't people be Abit truthful? More sincere? I've certainly never force you to be other than you are. So why should you do that.

I feel like I have 'roid rage.

Or maybe, I'm just too old to take bullshit. From anyone.

-the end-

Ps: husbands thinks I'm very brutal. And he is very surprised I still have friends.

But, worthy friends are those who are not offended by my total honesty.

Siapa makan chili, dia rasa pedas la.

Book shelves half packed!

Stuff on top of the bookshelves are packed too!!

So far stuff packed.

Loads of Corning ware, kitchen ware stuff packed.

Some toys too.

Tomorrow gonna sort out my clothes to throw. Shoes as well.

Got to remind myself, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

One of those days, when I'm tired and not feeling it.

Feeling the neck and shoulder strain.

Maybe my pillow is to be blamed.

I'm currently craving for hot, slurpy thick thick kind of porridge.


Hopefully the food center opposite GWC has porridge.


Found some porridge. Braised duck porridge at the kway chap stall.

Up sized and added intestines in it. Mmmmm burp!!

Just had a brain fart!

If any of you want to be "not lazy", this weekend @strawbee is organizing a make up class.

Do check her dayre on details. It's on Day 310.

I myself have learnt make up tips and tricks. That's why I'm not so "lazy" now. Hahah.

Bat kid this morning!

Then off he went to school for his Christmas party!

So cute and handsome! 😍😘😘

Batman reminded him that he can't eat anything except his cut fruits at the party. Everything else is allergic.

Apparently he gave a sheepish smile to batman.

I wonder what he was thinking. Go crazy and eat biscuits?

Back home with his cape tossed to the floor.

Eating his apple in a box.

Boxes are for us to pack our stuff to move home 1st December!!! The movers just dropped us 60 boxes this morning.

ðŸ˜ĩðŸ˜ĩðŸ˜ĩ gonna be busy busy busy.

Stole this pic from the kindy Facebook.

Isaac looks so matured!

Omg look at this broody teenager.

Body language says "reluctance".

To do list

This weekend we've got to:

1) throw out clothes that will never be worn.

2) throw out shoes that are rotten and old. Isaacs old shoe will be recycled for didi #savemoney

3) pack books, toys that has not been used/new toy stash.

4) throw away broken toys.

5) pack kitchen stuff that is not used.

Slept in and woke up to asparagus omelette with mozzarella cheese.

Portions are all 'super-size'

Think tomorrow will share breakfast or get small bites only.

Coffee here nubbad but I think I had nubbad coffee here all around.

Gold Coast Day 1

Everybody!!! I is arrive Brisbane liow!!!!

Got our bags, got our rental car and now using wifi at this brunch place.

But I feel like shit cos I never sleep and was nervous on the flight!!

Thank you for the safe flight!!!

And thanks for the prayers and wishes everybody.

First hipster cafe breakfast in Brisbane!!

Fig toast with macadamia mascarpone.

Drove from the airport to our apartment and wow! Saw all this trees with purple flowers.

I wonder what are they because they look so lush.

Our room!!

Super big! Didn't take the whole apartment place. Can check out husbands post la

View from lunch!

Had open face philly steak sandwhich on focaccia.

It's good! Had caramelised onions topping with abit of fig on it.

Post lunch walk at the beach right outside the apartment complex. The sand is so soft!

Dinner at the bar and grill at the bottom of the apartment.

Mignon with sweet potato mash.

Isaac allergy review and #20week preggy review

Guess we will not be buying a stokke pram.

So we went for Isaac's allergy review.

Good news is, he is NOT allergic to macadamia nuts.
Egg igE level is on the borderline. So we can try to challenge him ourselves with highly baked food. Gonna have to bake cake with egg in it.
And no new allergy detected! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Bad news: milk igE level has gone up instead of going down.

Otherwise, nothing much. No surprises there.

Next year will have to repeat skin prick test again and igE levels too.

Last year result on the top and this years result on the bottom.

Egg has drop from class 3 positive to borderline (as scribbled by the allergist)

But the milk has gone up from class 3 positive to class 4 strong positive. Jialat!

#20 weeks today

Picture of a 20 week didi.

I think quite handsome la. Got sharp nose. Haha.

Everything structure wise is all there.

My placenta is in the upper posterior position. Hurray.

Not like Isaac one which was low lying.

Can feel abit more kicks now.

Another pic of didi cos he potentially very Leng chai. Putting his hands near his mouth too.


And at 20 weeks, I've already gained 8kg.


HK Day 4 – SG

Last minute window shopping!

This a.m breakfast.

Polo bun, noodles with pork liver and milk tea.

Last of the char chan teng meals.

Last ice milk tea and crispy condense milk bun before flight home.

Can't wait to see Isaac and hubs

Poor boy.

FaceTime with him and whenever he look at my face, he cries. Having low grade fever too.

Mummy's coming home ok??

Boarding now.

Pray for a safe flight to Singapore.

Can't wait to see you guys again.


Thank you God and the universe for a safe flight.

And thank you changi airport taxi lane for the priority queue.

I get to see my family sooner!!!

In the cab now Otw home!!

And thank you guys for wishing me a safe flight!!! 😘😘😘

HK Day 3

Hello HK from 100 stories up! Nice weather. #sky100

Drinks from 100 stories up.

Dim sum also from 100 stories above ground level.

Then took a ferry back from tsim tsa sui to Wan Chai. Hkd25 bucks.

Love the old school ferry terminal.

Tea time went searching for polo bun.

Ok la this char chan teng bun.

Then took a street tram back to the hotel from Wan Chai to Causeway Bay. Only hkD2.30.

So cheap and convenient.

Dinner was more roast goose for me and plate of various treasures for my friend.

Walked around Lee Garden area and bought the best thing ever.

Angpows emblazoned with our surname!!!!

Something unique la.

Walked around sumore and found Yee Shun steam milk pudding place so had a bowl of it.

Coffee flavour not so nice. Friends red bean one not bad. Best is still original flavour.

And bestest best best.

Picture of Isaac looking so proud with his Lego condominiums and cars.

HK Day 2

Crap. Too much milk tea and I can't sleep.

Started the day with dim sum brunch at Times Square.

Baked bbq pork buns. Similar to Tim ho wans type. But this is like a muted version of it.

The Chee cheong fun with BBQ was nice but not great la. Bit too dry. Siew Mai was ok too. The other one is with chive n pork but this contains peanut.

Egg tart was ok too.

Randomly walked into a warehouse sell selling moschino. Bought the cheapest thing I could find.

A moschino ice cream stick phone cover for iPhone 5s. Only sgd18!

Also got myself a Anya hindmarch gold clutch for about sgd170??

Went to city gate outlet.

Bought lots of evita peroni hair accessories. But got cheated. They charged me everything I selected but did not put everything I paid for in my shopping bag. Super deceitful. Tsk tsk.

Went to crazy mongkok at night. So pack.

Don't like it cos all fake stuff.

Ladies market had nothing for me.

Dinner was at Australia Dairy company in Jordon.

Sandwhich with fluffiest omelet and corned beef, fragrant French toast and almond flavoured steam milk.

Cheap and Shiok. But stomach pain now.

Anyway missing this boy a lot.

Looking so cute accompanying daddy at orchard today shopping.

Don't miss the hb that much. Hehe. Mummy coming home Tuesday!

HK Day 1

Bought a bimbo book to read on board!!

Be crazy and be rich like dem Asians.

Waiting to board soon!!

Yeay I've arrived!!

Now waiting for my friend who is flying in from KL!

Our appointed meeting place is bag reclaim number 5!

And thank you God/universal for a good flight!!!

Roast goose leg and standard issue milk tea!

Sat on the tram to go up The Peak.

It was a 1.5hr queue. My feet!! My lower abs!! Pain.

View is not bad la.

Both the milk tea are mine!

At Tsui Wah for dinner at the Peak Gallery.

Condense milk bun!!!

This branch not nice. Not crispy enough and not enough condensed milk.

My mains of mini pork burger. This one not bad. Buns were hot n crispy. Haha.

Is it sad that the only SMS I get are those from clinics and hospital reminding me to come for my appointments?

A dear primary & high school mate just passed on due to cancer.

Our mutual friend posted a old picture of us in standard 4-5.

RIP sweet friend of ours.

Ps: see if u can spot me and @cikumuffin

Packed for my girl trip to HK tomorrow. Will be back Tuesday!!!

I hope the weather is good tomorrow for an uneventful plane ride. 😘😘😘

#40months today!!

Your are half way to being a korkor!

Hehe at least I've prompted you in advance and you've promised to be a helpful korkor.

Free child labour, that's what you'll be!

Anyhow, you will still be a joy to us!

Probably one of the last few weeks he will be playing with the neighbors here.

Should I tell them we would be moving soon?

Fried chicken wings and avocado sounds about right for breakfast

Dry chili pan mien in food court!!

#noodlewars forgot to ask for porno egg can play or not?

Wtf is with people commenting on appearances.

Especially if I look big or small.

Or if my face has spots or is flawless.

Has it occurred to you that I'm actually very pleased with how I look at myself?

Big or spotty, small or flawless.

It's you who have issues with how I look. Not me.

Manage to squeeze myself into the shoes!!

Cc: @hotcakes @strawbee
I also saw similar design selling in gap kids! So darn cute.

Earlier in the a.m took Isaac for his much needed hair cut. No fuss as his eyes were glued to the screen in front of him.

Worth the $$$ paid for his hair cut. We usually stretch it to 2.5 months/hair cut. #kiamsiap parents here.

And now, for some tai tai time with @yellojelloo!

Appetizers of truffle scrambled eggs. So yummy.

Savories. I like the one with duck rillette.

Raisins and apricot or ginger scones with clotted cream, lemon curd and raspberry jam.

I like the scones here. Tasty and warm. Haha.

And the desserts.


This is how it looks like. So pretty the presentation.