Manage to squeeze myself into the shoes!!

Cc: @hotcakes @strawbee
I also saw similar design selling in gap kids! So darn cute.

Earlier in the a.m took Isaac for his much needed hair cut. No fuss as his eyes were glued to the screen in front of him.

Worth the $$$ paid for his hair cut. We usually stretch it to 2.5 months/hair cut. #kiamsiap parents here.

And now, for some tai tai time with @yellojelloo!

Appetizers of truffle scrambled eggs. So yummy.

Savories. I like the one with duck rillette.

Raisins and apricot or ginger scones with clotted cream, lemon curd and raspberry jam.

I like the scones here. Tasty and warm. Haha.

And the desserts.


This is how it looks like. So pretty the presentation.

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