HK Day 1

Bought a bimbo book to read on board!!

Be crazy and be rich like dem Asians.

Waiting to board soon!!

Yeay I've arrived!!

Now waiting for my friend who is flying in from KL!

Our appointed meeting place is bag reclaim number 5!

And thank you God/universal for a good flight!!!

Roast goose leg and standard issue milk tea!

Sat on the tram to go up The Peak.

It was a 1.5hr queue. My feet!! My lower abs!! Pain.

View is not bad la.

Both the milk tea are mine!

At Tsui Wah for dinner at the Peak Gallery.

Condense milk bun!!!

This branch not nice. Not crispy enough and not enough condensed milk.

My mains of mini pork burger. This one not bad. Buns were hot n crispy. Haha.

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