HK Day 2

Crap. Too much milk tea and I can't sleep.

Started the day with dim sum brunch at Times Square.

Baked bbq pork buns. Similar to Tim ho wans type. But this is like a muted version of it.

The Chee cheong fun with BBQ was nice but not great la. Bit too dry. Siew Mai was ok too. The other one is with chive n pork but this contains peanut.

Egg tart was ok too.

Randomly walked into a warehouse sell selling moschino. Bought the cheapest thing I could find.

A moschino ice cream stick phone cover for iPhone 5s. Only sgd18!

Also got myself a Anya hindmarch gold clutch for about sgd170??

Went to city gate outlet.

Bought lots of evita peroni hair accessories. But got cheated. They charged me everything I selected but did not put everything I paid for in my shopping bag. Super deceitful. Tsk tsk.

Went to crazy mongkok at night. So pack.

Don't like it cos all fake stuff.

Ladies market had nothing for me.

Dinner was at Australia Dairy company in Jordon.

Sandwhich with fluffiest omelet and corned beef, fragrant French toast and almond flavoured steam milk.

Cheap and Shiok. But stomach pain now.

Anyway missing this boy a lot.

Looking so cute accompanying daddy at orchard today shopping.

Don't miss the hb that much. Hehe. Mummy coming home Tuesday!

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