HK Day 3

Hello HK from 100 stories up! Nice weather. #sky100

Drinks from 100 stories up.

Dim sum also from 100 stories above ground level.

Then took a ferry back from tsim tsa sui to Wan Chai. Hkd25 bucks.

Love the old school ferry terminal.

Tea time went searching for polo bun.

Ok la this char chan teng bun.

Then took a street tram back to the hotel from Wan Chai to Causeway Bay. Only hkD2.30.

So cheap and convenient.

Dinner was more roast goose for me and plate of various treasures for my friend.

Walked around Lee Garden area and bought the best thing ever.

Angpows emblazoned with our surname!!!!

Something unique la.

Walked around sumore and found Yee Shun steam milk pudding place so had a bowl of it.

Coffee flavour not so nice. Friends red bean one not bad. Best is still original flavour.

And bestest best best.

Picture of Isaac looking so proud with his Lego condominiums and cars.

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