Bat kid this morning!

Then off he went to school for his Christmas party!

So cute and handsome! 😍😘😘

Batman reminded him that he can't eat anything except his cut fruits at the party. Everything else is allergic.

Apparently he gave a sheepish smile to batman.

I wonder what he was thinking. Go crazy and eat biscuits?

Back home with his cape tossed to the floor.

Eating his apple in a box.

Boxes are for us to pack our stuff to move home 1st December!!! The movers just dropped us 60 boxes this morning.

😡😡😡 gonna be busy busy busy.

Stole this pic from the kindy Facebook.

Isaac looks so matured!

Omg look at this broody teenager.

Body language says "reluctance".

To do list

This weekend we've got to:

1) throw out clothes that will never be worn.

2) throw out shoes that are rotten and old. Isaacs old shoe will be recycled for didi #savemoney

3) pack books, toys that has not been used/new toy stash.

4) throw away broken toys.

5) pack kitchen stuff that is not used.

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