Got to remind myself, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

One of those days, when I'm tired and not feeling it.

Feeling the neck and shoulder strain.

Maybe my pillow is to be blamed.

I'm currently craving for hot, slurpy thick thick kind of porridge.


Hopefully the food center opposite GWC has porridge.


Found some porridge. Braised duck porridge at the kway chap stall.

Up sized and added intestines in it. Mmmmm burp!!

Just had a brain fart!

If any of you want to be "not lazy", this weekend @strawbee is organizing a make up class.

Do check her dayre on details. It's on Day 310.

I myself have learnt make up tips and tricks. That's why I'm not so "lazy" now. Hahah.

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