Sometimes I feel I can't relate to a lot of people.

And it's ok.

Sometimes I don't know their angle.
And you feel as if they've got something to hide. And you never know them completely.

I am complete transparent. What you see is what you get. Yes, I am a direct bitch, but I don't pretend to be not one.

So I don't get people who pretend to be nice but are actually not very nice?

And start prodding. Lack of maturity?

Low self esteem?

I don't know.

If I want to be nice, I'll be nice. And if I'm not nice, sucks to be on my receiving end of not nice.

I can sense when an ulterior motive is being laid in front of me.

I'm not stupid.

Suddenly you are being nice to me…because?

Suddenly you start asking me stuff because????


Can't people be Abit truthful? More sincere? I've certainly never force you to be other than you are. So why should you do that.

I feel like I have 'roid rage.

Or maybe, I'm just too old to take bullshit. From anyone.

-the end-

Ps: husbands thinks I'm very brutal. And he is very surprised I still have friends.

But, worthy friends are those who are not offended by my total honesty.

Siapa makan chili, dia rasa pedas la.

Book shelves half packed!

Stuff on top of the bookshelves are packed too!!

So far stuff packed.

Loads of Corning ware, kitchen ware stuff packed.

Some toys too.

Tomorrow gonna sort out my clothes to throw. Shoes as well.

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