Quite poor thing la this Isaac.

Tossed and turn the hold night.

Temperature up to 39â€ĒC.

Then diapers over flow. Good sign though, means he's not dehydrated.

Then around 5am suddenly said pain pain. Found out because his lips very dry and his face was stuck to the rubberize mat.

Woke up with blood marks all over his lips and his sleeves. Cos he was mouth breathing the whole night, hence dry mouth, lips all cracked and bleed.

But when I left for work he was chirpy. 😅

Waved me off from the balcony too! And with flying kisses. 😘😘😘

It's nearly 12 in the arvo. But I still feel like death.

Waking up multiple times to care for a sick child and preggy is……I cannot ah.


I love this pope Francis.

Dam right, Xmas this year is a charade when whole world is at war.

So wise.

Ffffffffff social conventions!!!

I am so gonna get muh hair done like that one of these days. Hopefully in the next 12 months.

I'll work the hair. And that ass too.

If I can't get is as vibrant as the first pic, maybe this will do!!

But, since I have bills to pay and a job to keep, I think this rainbow hair colour is most likely to happen.

Need money ah for impending birth and house rent and etc.

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