It's my birthday, and I'll party if I want to.

But…nahhhhh. Need to last minute pack tonight and I'm still very under the weather and still went to work. Dam you leaky nose!

Although for lunch I had mcd burger which my colleagues belanja me with.

The new flavour of beef clubhouse and truffle fries and red velvet mcflurry and Coke float.

They tried to persuade me to eat at a restaurant with steak, but I'm like errr I want mcd? Haha. I'm a cheap date.

They also very sweet!!

Went and fasterly 5 mins before lunch grab vouchers from motherworks for me for my pressie.

My first present today!! 😍😍😍😍

Ok la, my mom gave me a present few days ago too of a sweet necklace.

Isaac gave me a viral gift literally so I'm making lots of tissue wantan with the gift!

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