Good morning.

This is a reminder to record Isaac singing Adele's "hello" with full emotions.

Cracks me up.

My Instagram feed is full of half naked women showing off their abs.

Might be a secret lesbo.

Today on "bluff ppl on the bus for seats" post

Look like normal lady who had 1 to many burritos

#ootd #bluffppl


Priceless. I see ppl giving up seats after watching me ran after the bus.

#dressingthebump #damBIGnowla

#27weeks bump update.

With my uni mate friend of over 13 years. Our first kid are both the same age, roughly 2 weeks apart. She had her 2nd kid this year and I'm catching up!

And I think this is the last I can wear my bcbg dress for this pregnancy. Boobies there tight already la. #dressingthebump

Oh, she also say my tummy very big for a #27week. I oso think so. Suddenly this few weeks exploded! No denying I'm huge liow.

Isaac, let's go to toys r us.

No, mummy, I want to go to the book store to look at Thomas book!

Ok! (Can't say no to that haha)

I bet you guys were wondering what batdude got for me for Christmas.

He got me replacement battery for my dying iPhone 5 because I want to keep using my ice cream stick cover!!

Also a bonus gift of a label maker!!!!

Appropriate gift.

To feed the OCD in me. I'm going to label everything now!



Zootastic Christmas


Christmas morning breakfast.

Lamb shank with Rosemary and thyme.

Waiting for uber and we are off to the zoo for Christmas!

Ice cream (the bump) peeking out. #dressingthebump Don't ask me why it's ice cream, the korkor name him that.

Animal watching like a boss.

Really like a boss ok. Look at his kiau ka!

It's fun going to the zoo this time with him because he can tell us what he wants to see next.

"I wan to see lizard and snake!" So off we went!!

I wan to go see "Chang Ching lu!"

Ok sure!!! That's giraffe in mandarin right people?

Ooohhh the tortoise going back to his house to sleep!!!

Yup indeed!!

I love how he can narrate what the animals are doing already!!

Great age to bring them to the zoo.

Eh @xiive and @choopeechu up for the zoo when u guys r down next? Really wan to see how paddy n Isaac school each other on the animals that they saw that day.

Praying mantis on the table at lunch!

So after 3 hours at the zoo #threenager complain tired already and wanted to go home.

So we went home!!!

At least his favorite parts were the monkey cos they like to tickle their own armpits n go "ooh ooh ooh"

But he did ask me why they never eat bananas. Haha.

Funniest primate at the zoo today!

I think he was a performer before landing in the zoo, so keep doing the flip turn.

Isaac has so much fun laughing at him.

Came back and open up all his Christmas present!!

A lot of presents and a lot of pictures!

I'll post them up 1 by 1 to personally thank each of you.

Right now it's zzz time!!!

Hope all of you had a great day today too!

Satisfying lunch this afternoon.

Love my aburi sushi!!

Teriyaki fish and grill king prawn with sweet potato with mentaiko n cheese sauce.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!

All the presents under the tree are Isaacs one!

Side view.

Yup all his. that is a lot by our standards!!

Thank you to all the dayre aunty and uncle who gave him the gifts. He will open them up tomorrow!

Proud of his self restraint of not ripping everything up when he first saw all the presents. It has slowly been trickling in and now built up to a sizeable nest!

So thank you thank you to our family and also to the dayre community.

And these are my presents!!!

So old already still have ah!!


I've opened them and will use most of them.

Thank you everyone who gifted us all their love too.

When u feel cold and empty inside…

You go swimming outside in the sun!!

@cikumuffin I realize I have pics but of your daughter. And my son who is trying to console her.

He kept giving her the robo police car thingy to cheer her up.

"Nah nah take it"

Hoping she will stop crying. I guess to him the car makes him happy and he wanted to make her happy too.

Unfortunately, moments after handing it to her, the car dropped right smack on his head and he let out a big cry.

Poor dude, he was trying to help but backed-fired.

Anyway, that night I told him how proud I was that he wanted to make her feel better but it didn't go the way he wanted to cos he keep saying pain the car drop on his head. Haha.

At least I know my son knows how to console? Can't seem to find the right description.

See the scowl on meimeis face.

And his sheepish grin.

Cos moments before he tried to hug her and she pushed him away.

Nvm lo, try again in 15 years time.

Blow trumpet post

Bear with me as I show off

Out now on news stand January issue.

Isaacs allergy story.

Thank you to the writer who wrote a beautiful account as it was.

The "headlines" quite a heart-string tugger, but I could never write as clear as her. Real story guys, not distorted!!! Added with her flavour for more effect!

Go get the magazine guys.

Proud father already bought 3 copies this morning before 8am.

Couldn't find any copy of the magazine in GWC. Will try again later back at novena.

πŸ‘¦πŸ»:Good morning mummy! I'm taking picture with your phone!

πŸ‘©πŸ»: so what's all this that you took?

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: oh your room la! And yaya(helper) cleaning la. But she don't wan me to take pic here so go hiding. And also my Dusty (planes) that I colour and the opposite building.

πŸ‘©πŸ»: and what else is this?

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: oh, I'm taking picture of my baby (he calls the care bear soft toy his baby) and my play pen mat. Christmas tree, daddy's chair, the floor. And my bed! Then the pic of the bathroom.

πŸ‘©πŸ»: but I can only see ur fingers (scroll the pics n finally saw he took pic of the bathroom)

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: then I take pic of yaya(helper) again but she close the door! Then I take pic of the food (on the dining table). Oh and also my Dusty plane picture I colored. And my Play Pen!!

πŸ‘©πŸ»: *speechless*

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: I also take pic of the clothes hanging outside (in the balcony), my picture of me (display cabinet with his baby pictures) and the microwave!!

πŸ‘©πŸ»: very nice Isaac!

Maybe he will follow the footsteps of his aunt who is a photo-journalist. Can give the old digital camera for him to take pictures la like this.

#26 weeks today.

Special cos Isaac said "you look like a princess, mummy!"


Ignore the sun-in-my-eyes expression.

#dressingthebump #pregnancyootd

Please ah, I'm not until like that FYI.

Thanks ah thanks.
@xiive @choopeechu

Needed the feel of salty savory nuts in my mouth after a hard day at work.

So cute ahhh

Feels good to know your boss is battling it out with senior leadership team to score you an "exceeded expectations" rating.

Last Sunday we went to somewhere in yishun to look at long kang fishes.

And….there were no fishes to fish. I saw a few dead ones at the bottom of the man made long kang

There was a pond for fishing and also a few prawning and yabbing pools.

I don't think I have the patience to sit n prawn.

Daddy and Isaac twinning outfit. Walking along the fish pond to look at lumbering fishes and lily ponds.

To overcome our disappointment, we ate some Thai desserts.

Having coconut ice cream and a side of deep fried pork skin.

Yup that's my son!

Pork cracklings ftw!

Bought the toastbox card because my office pantry is renovating.

So no water supply and coffee making is suspended. 😭😭😭

Need my coffee. So this is a must. Ok la comes up to $1.60 for a cup of coffee?

Desperate times calls for desperate measures!

Been busy at work.

And now, year is almost ending but work is still not cleared.

Pending important submission documents from my global HQ. And since I'm desperate, I've CC all different departments globally.

Arghhhh….rush rush rush.

Also cos my OCD-ness wants to submit everything before year ends la. Haha. At least I can enjoy 31st December half day and 1st January without worrying about pending task?

Dam super star last night also.

Couldn't sleep till maybe at 2am because I had tea at 8pm.

So…continuing my OCD streak, I went and arrange Isaacs clothes.

From left:
-pajamas: top row 2pcs, bottom row onesies.
-home clothes (the uglies): top row shorts and long pants (for his eczema flare days, wear long pants to prevent him from scratching), bottom row t-shirts.

Middle divider for home clothes and going out clothes are compartment boxes:
-top row underwear separated by thick gutters

and Homer Simpson type of undies.
-bottom row are socks.

Right side:
-top row: going out long pants. We have skinny jeans, skinny pants etc. good for dates.
-bottom row: going out shorts. Formal shorts (no gutters type) for being cute and not to look too adult.

Then we have his tops.
-top row: Polo t-shirts and cotton t-shirts with collars.
-bottom row: nice round neck and v-neck collar tshirts, mummy approve for going out.

@doooduuu can take the OCD so far?

Next we have clothes being hung by hangers. And clothes which needs to be ironed.

From left to right.
– coats (which has never been worn) for winter, thick hoodies according to size;
– knits
– short sleeves shirts by size (so I know which one is smaller then wear more often lo)
– long sleeved shirts also by size πŸ‘†πŸΌ
– school uniform
– rain coat for wet school run
– lastly; his tuxedo. Don't think he'll wear this again so it's flushed right to the wall of the wardrobe haha.

Let's see how this arrangement last.

I'll give my helper 1 week, I am sure it will be messed up. Or she wouldn't even know I arranged it.

So far kitchen is still ok because I labelled the cabinets!!!! Ahahha. And she has followed the placement so far.

@calistallicious what what, cannot ah? Easier for me to find stuff ok. It's not up to the tv show standard yet where everything has matching hangers and matching sorting boxes etc u know.

Stark difference of my wish list and @butterball

Santa wish list. Aka "husband, are you reading this?"


1️⃣ Mothercare glider reclining chair (repost with clearer pic so batdude can see properly)

Just called up harbourfront Mothercare, this is going for sgd499, much more affordable than motherworks nursing chair at sgd799.

Plus we don't have couch n armchairs at current place, so I would say to get? IKEA armchairs starts at $300 too. I think it justifies the price. Yes? No?

I would also use it for 3 years or more, so can la hor?

2️⃣ Stokke xplory. Still loving the looks of this. Love that its high set and can face me. Good for school runs with Isaac and its high enough that when trucks and bus passes by on the road, sand and dust doesn't get into babies eyes.

With the conventional stroller, first I couldn't have conversation with Isaac, then had to quickly pull the covers and ask Isaac to close his eyes when trucks/bus zooms by.

3️⃣ hands free pumping yo!

Enough said. Just put the dam plastic inside your nursing bra, turn on the breast pump and lie back, relax and dayre!!!

Win win situation. Can also drive n pump.

4️⃣ 4moms mamaRoo baby bouncer.

We were looking at this or the Nuna Leaf. But the leaf was too simple and moves kineticly. Need more than that. Cos I need to eat n shit u know. So more high tech bouncer will have to do.

5️⃣ Breast pump

Thinking of trying out Spectra 9+ (pictured) or M1. Either way it's half price of Medela freestyle or Medela pump instyle. Both these Medela I have on hand, so I'm not looking for the most exp state of the art breast pump. Just something light and powerful and affordable.

Saw the cheapest selling now at Mothercare online presale at sgd279.44! So #buybuybuy?

Finally! Get to cycle because there's a big enough safe space to do so!!

Thought him how to brake whilst going downhill and to cycle faster and more effort whilst going uphill!!!


Since moving here he has been able to be more confident in water and learn to use the bicycle more. Next is to teach him to cycle without training wheels.

Play date!

It was a good chaotic child care kind of play date.

Most of the time I was zoned out. I think I over exerted my self last night so couldn't really function today.

Was good meeting up with @delight and @hotcakes and also @calvinadawn for the first time!! Also met up with wai peng? And her daughter Naomi is just too cute with her asking loads of questions wearing a very concern facial expression. 😍😍 made me drool for a girl.

@strawbee made a guest appearance too!! Thanks for dropping us home!!

Swim time

Because I promised the "adult" 3 year old that it was a swim play date, he was really waiting for a swim. When we left shalins place, he was like I don't wanna go home, I haven't swim yet.

So yes, he really do remember what we tell him!

Therefore I had to take him swimming when we were back!

This was the puddle jumper I was talking about @delight

It gives him immense confidence to swim. And he kept going I can swim myself now!!

Thanks to @growingwiththetans using it on N, I bought it too. It is really really helpful. I don't even have to hold him or guide him. He pivoted off to swim himself. Only regret not knowing about this device sooner.

What do u do when your boss tells u to sell yourself more?

I know she knows I am of substance but apparently she wants me to sell it to the senior leadership team.

Haha. But that is the kind of people who appeal to marketing sales ppl. And I'm "evidence first please".

Company D&D

Got achievement so much show off. So boliow

Another award.

Ok la not bad.

Epic #restingbitchface

Like Kanye west. The 2 flanking fail cos they are too nice inherently.

I think I look chio here. Hehe

#dressingthebump #pregnancyootd #ootd

Another chio one

Trying to do a maternity photoshoot with my Brunei marketing/medical internship partner.

Looking a lot like Isaac here.

Girls, he is single and available and a bit young. Haha. U want his contact number can text me ah.

My cousin and her kids + my aunt and uncle are down in Singapore.

They went out site/sight seeing and took Isaac out.

Taught her how to use the epi-pen and zrytec and off they went.

Seem like they had a lot of fun.

Itchy…scratch scratch.

Clearly having fun whilst mom n dad is at work.

Peeping into the elves house. I think this is in MBS.

I think the outing is a success because this is the first time he is out without us looking after him in terms of his allergy wise.

He survived!!!!

This is of course besides being in school, hopefully he will be able to go out by himself without us watching him the next time.

Spotted the full set of Disney cars by tomica. At

Interested ah? @xiive @choopeechu

Guess where we brought my uncle and aunt to eat???

Korean cheese porn place of course!

Some of the starters.

Some fried dumplings.

And sweet and spicy fried chicken!!

So good.

Such a joy seeing this little one tucking into the cheese of the spicy ribs.

Clearer picture!

She kept saying its hot yet kept wanting the spicy ribs and cheese more and more. Ahaha.

Finally had time to take him to the park.

Here he is showing off to a girl his scooter and letting her touch it. Also showing off the sticker on his scooter.

Early Xmas πŸŽ„& belated birthday celebration πŸŽ‚

Gifts exchange from dinner last night.

This burrata cheese for appetizer is TDF!!

Ate as much as my stomach allowed it.

Also another shared appetizers of seared Hokkaido scallops which I could have.

Sauce was yummy.

My chicken mains which were flambΓ©. Stuffed with foie gras.

Lava cake desserts.

They even surprised me with a birthday song and a cake!! #dressingthebump

My look of surprised. And a not amused Isaac haha.

Handmade snow globe card yo by @doooduuu

She also gave chocos, face mask and lotion.

Lol! Best aunty gift!!! @butterball

Hipster present FTW! Tattoo sticker for batdude and me.

She gave chocos too! Thanks @xsnow

Whipped body butter sounds good enough to eat! Thanks @calistallicious

And thanks @hotcakes for the shampoo and soap. Time for a good scrub down.

And our hostess with the mostest gave a super cute and handy gift!

Pretty Swiss Army knife yo. Got nail file, knife, scissors, tooth pick and tweezer. Thanks for the handy gift @strawbee

Went out to have a look at Singapore after the light rain.

Isaac being pensive. MBS being majestic.

It was a good night with good food and best company.

Had a huge argument with my bro and sil.

Vented it out to my close uni friends.

I now realize that it's not problem to fix things.

If parents complaint about something, as a first born, we feel compelled to solve the issue. If issue solved, great for everybody.

But if it's not then you will get the blame.

So I now learn that I should not try to help even though with good intentions.

It's not my responsibility to "force" ppl to do their duties as filial son or daughter.

It's the same fight we had as 2-3 years ago.

Same issue.

Why didn't I see it. It's not for me to solve. But I can't help it when I hear my parents complain I just naturally want to help solve it.

From now on, as long as I do my duty as a daughter to them, and I have fulfilled my responsibility.

I shall not be responsible for the actions of my bro or sis. They are adults. I don't have to "Shepard" them.

My big mistake. I will stay out of my parents grouses from now on.

I think I care too much. So from now on, anything involving siblings, do not have to have any opinion on it.

I will just concentrate on my own nuclear family and on my duties to only my parents.

That's it!

Surprisingly, I slept quite well last night given the circumstances.

Could have been the combination of the flu meds and the new bed.

But really, I talked it out with the husband and my close friends and my conscious is clear. I did not purposely pick a fight just because. I genuinely thought that they should know what's the background of why I'm not happy with what's going on which is what I thought my parents were unhappy about too.

Too bad they only see it as an attack when I even try to come out with a compromise and solution (fixing problem).

Why the double standard

I feel sometimes as a first born, it's emphasized that I should be giving my mom 10% of my salary.

When they come over, I'm expected to pay for everything like bfast, lunch, dinner. And when I go back to visit I have to do that too.

Makes me mad when of 2nd bro don't have to do all this because pity him he earn so little. I know this is their mentality.

I agree when he was interning and only earn rm600 of course don't expect him to pay.

But now earning rm5k as a manager at a reputable place, you still think he doesn't earn much?

All I see is every year changing car. Bigger car after another car. And going for holidays 2-3 times a year. Going out with your friends at nice places.

Yet claim "I have no money?"

It all boils down to priority. I make the priority to push 10% of my pay to my mom so it's not a "if I have leftover I will give her" attitude.

To be honest I'm living on the negative salary every month.

Every since becoming a PR and having a maid my monthly cash available has decrease. I'm using my savings.

Yes when I plan for holidays, I have set aside that amount that is to be spent.

So I don't understand why the double standards. Why must protect him.

I don't have an answer, but it may be an Asian mentality thing that he is my son therefore he can do no wrong.

Now with his wife, they are both not helping themselves and claiming to be the victim.

I really dislike this attitude.

And now

Maybe it's just my perception that it is double standard.

I will not solve this problem anymore. It is not mine to solve and when break down of relations with bro and sis happens, truly I am not sad.

It is not my thing to fake niceness and pretend things to be good so we can have nice CNY reunion or family gatherings.

If only 1 side is making the effort then really, what is the point?

I rather seek out ppl who truly care about u and make an effort to keep good relations.

Ahh getting a bit toxic la.

I have already realized a lot of things.

I shouldn't be talking about the same issue so much.

It's only too bad I come to realize it only know and save the hassle of being the 'class monitor'.

On to better things!!

Husband sent me all the pic of house moving process.

They were very quick and efficient not to mention professional. Bumped into them on my way to work. They came earlier than their promised time slot.

This was them moving out the bulky furniture.

We didn't need to pack our clothes that were hanging in the closet!!

They had a rack to transfer hung clothes on hangers and they just cling wrap it and moved it whole sale!

Loading all the 60 boxes into the truck.

All our stuff were downstairs at this point.

Not easy to move from the old place as it has 2 flights of stairs.

I'm glad they did not kick up a fuss and charge extra for going up n down the stairs.

Husband showed me the padded lift at the new place.

He had to pay a deposit for the lift to be padded and a 500 bucks security deposit (which the movers gave as a safe guard).

The first thought that came to my mind was "Wah, prepping for surgery ah?" Haha.

All our stuff in the new place!!!

Have not taken a pic yet of everything that's in. No time ah. Came back in the evening it was raining, I was hungry and tired. And errr the argument happen haha.

Our new bed got delivered right after the movers left too!!!

King size FTW!!!!

No need to hang off the ledge of the bed already with Isaac claiming 50% of the bed space.

Selection of movers.

I took all your suggestions on movers recommendation.

Called all of them.

Shalom: fully booked until end of December. So was out.

Helping hands: quote a total estimate of sgd 1500! 😰😰😰😱😱😱

Another ex convict movers which I can't remember the name now: also sgd1k and above. About 1.2k?

Also husband was very intimidated calling these two company. He said they dam gangster la!

And being the aunty I left no stone unturned and I wanted at least 5 quotations from different movers.

So I googled and came on Singapore motherhood forum, where all the like minded aunties shares there bargains.

A few movers name kept popping out with good reviews so I left them email inquires and also ask husband to call.

A few then came to access all the furnitures n stuff we had.

K-movers (or something similar sounding, forgot!): came back with the quotation very late and after 2-3 reminders with 1.2k before gst.

Elite movers: sales person came in Mercedes S class.

We tot die la, sure cut throat one!
Very surprisingly, he was very professional and very detailed.

Gave us quotation right after the assessment.

It was the cheapest of the lot! At sgd995.10 after gst it was reasonable. Because they included boxes to pack, rack for clothes, bubble wrap, tissue paper wrap, cello tape, disposable of unwanted furniture, disassemble and reassemble of furnitures and as many trips as it take to move all our stuff. Flights of stairs included!

They even settled management administration stuff of security deposit and filling up of paper works for the move at the new place.


Everything was done in 3 hours and a little less.

Can't recommend them enough.

ELITE Movers.

Also a big thank you to my husband and mom for overseeing the move and my helper for packing most of the stuff.

Couldn't have done it without them.

Who is slightly panicking that it is December already.

I have so many things to do!

Ok I caved.

Went to the gp downstairs the office building.

Gave me loads of meds and MC. But couldn't take MC cos new place not ready for me to rest.

When it was ready, heavy rain like mofo so decided to stay put in office n finish up some work.

Told boss I might not go in tomorrow but she is also off. So I might go in tomorrow too!!! Feel like dead fish ah.

Cos my sinus all congested and it kind of hurts my teeth and upper jaw.