My cousin and her kids + my aunt and uncle are down in Singapore.

They went out site/sight seeing and took Isaac out.

Taught her how to use the epi-pen and zrytec and off they went.

Seem like they had a lot of fun.

Itchy…scratch scratch.

Clearly having fun whilst mom n dad is at work.

Peeping into the elves house. I think this is in MBS.

I think the outing is a success because this is the first time he is out without us looking after him in terms of his allergy wise.

He survived!!!!

This is of course besides being in school, hopefully he will be able to go out by himself without us watching him the next time.

Spotted the full set of Disney cars by tomica. At

Interested ah? @xiive @choopeechu

Guess where we brought my uncle and aunt to eat???

Korean cheese porn place of course!

Some of the starters.

Some fried dumplings.

And sweet and spicy fried chicken!!

So good.

Such a joy seeing this little one tucking into the cheese of the spicy ribs.

Clearer picture!

She kept saying its hot yet kept wanting the spicy ribs and cheese more and more. Ahaha.

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