What do u do when your boss tells u to sell yourself more?

I know she knows I am of substance but apparently she wants me to sell it to the senior leadership team.

Haha. But that is the kind of people who appeal to marketing sales ppl. And I'm "evidence first please".

Company D&D

Got achievement so much show off. So boliow

Another award.

Ok la not bad.

Epic #restingbitchface

Like Kanye west. The 2 flanking fail cos they are too nice inherently.

I think I look chio here. Hehe

#dressingthebump #pregnancyootd #ootd

Another chio one

Trying to do a maternity photoshoot with my Brunei marketing/medical internship partner.

Looking a lot like Isaac here.

Girls, he is single and available and a bit young. Haha. U want his contact number can text me ah.

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