Play date!

It was a good chaotic child care kind of play date.

Most of the time I was zoned out. I think I over exerted my self last night so couldn't really function today.

Was good meeting up with @delight and @hotcakes and also @calvinadawn for the first time!! Also met up with wai peng? And her daughter Naomi is just too cute with her asking loads of questions wearing a very concern facial expression. šŸ˜šŸ˜ made me drool for a girl.

@strawbee made a guest appearance too!! Thanks for dropping us home!!

Swim time

Because I promised the "adult" 3 year old that it was a swim play date, he was really waiting for a swim. When we left shalins place, he was like I don't wanna go home, I haven't swim yet.

So yes, he really do remember what we tell him!

Therefore I had to take him swimming when we were back!

This was the puddle jumper I was talking about @delight

It gives him immense confidence to swim. And he kept going I can swim myself now!!

Thanks to @growingwiththetans using it on N, I bought it too. It is really really helpful. I don't even have to hold him or guide him. He pivoted off to swim himself. Only regret not knowing about this device sooner.

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