Desperate times calls for desperate measures!

Been busy at work.

And now, year is almost ending but work is still not cleared.

Pending important submission documents from my global HQ. And since I'm desperate, I've CC all different departments globally.

Arghhhh….rush rush rush.

Also cos my OCD-ness wants to submit everything before year ends la. Haha. At least I can enjoy 31st December half day and 1st January without worrying about pending task?

Dam super star last night also.

Couldn't sleep till maybe at 2am because I had tea at 8pm.

So…continuing my OCD streak, I went and arrange Isaacs clothes.

From left:
-pajamas: top row 2pcs, bottom row onesies.
-home clothes (the uglies): top row shorts and long pants (for his eczema flare days, wear long pants to prevent him from scratching), bottom row t-shirts.

Middle divider for home clothes and going out clothes are compartment boxes:
-top row underwear separated by thick gutters

and Homer Simpson type of undies.
-bottom row are socks.

Right side:
-top row: going out long pants. We have skinny jeans, skinny pants etc. good for dates.
-bottom row: going out shorts. Formal shorts (no gutters type) for being cute and not to look too adult.

Then we have his tops.
-top row: Polo t-shirts and cotton t-shirts with collars.
-bottom row: nice round neck and v-neck collar tshirts, mummy approve for going out.

@doooduuu can take the OCD so far?

Next we have clothes being hung by hangers. And clothes which needs to be ironed.

From left to right.
– coats (which has never been worn) for winter, thick hoodies according to size;
– knits
– short sleeves shirts by size (so I know which one is smaller then wear more often lo)
– long sleeved shirts also by size 👆🏼
– school uniform
– rain coat for wet school run
– lastly; his tuxedo. Don't think he'll wear this again so it's flushed right to the wall of the wardrobe haha.

Let's see how this arrangement last.

I'll give my helper 1 week, I am sure it will be messed up. Or she wouldn't even know I arranged it.

So far kitchen is still ok because I labelled the cabinets!!!! Ahahha. And she has followed the placement so far.

@calistallicious what what, cannot ah? Easier for me to find stuff ok. It's not up to the tv show standard yet where everything has matching hangers and matching sorting boxes etc u know.

Stark difference of my wish list and @butterball

Santa wish list. Aka "husband, are you reading this?"


1️⃣ Mothercare glider reclining chair (repost with clearer pic so batdude can see properly)

Just called up harbourfront Mothercare, this is going for sgd499, much more affordable than motherworks nursing chair at sgd799.

Plus we don't have couch n armchairs at current place, so I would say to get? IKEA armchairs starts at $300 too. I think it justifies the price. Yes? No?

I would also use it for 3 years or more, so can la hor?

2️⃣ Stokke xplory. Still loving the looks of this. Love that its high set and can face me. Good for school runs with Isaac and its high enough that when trucks and bus passes by on the road, sand and dust doesn't get into babies eyes.

With the conventional stroller, first I couldn't have conversation with Isaac, then had to quickly pull the covers and ask Isaac to close his eyes when trucks/bus zooms by.

3️⃣ hands free pumping yo!

Enough said. Just put the dam plastic inside your nursing bra, turn on the breast pump and lie back, relax and dayre!!!

Win win situation. Can also drive n pump.

4️⃣ 4moms mamaRoo baby bouncer.

We were looking at this or the Nuna Leaf. But the leaf was too simple and moves kineticly. Need more than that. Cos I need to eat n shit u know. So more high tech bouncer will have to do.

5️⃣ Breast pump

Thinking of trying out Spectra 9+ (pictured) or M1. Either way it's half price of Medela freestyle or Medela pump instyle. Both these Medela I have on hand, so I'm not looking for the most exp state of the art breast pump. Just something light and powerful and affordable.

Saw the cheapest selling now at Mothercare online presale at sgd279.44! So #buybuybuy?

Finally! Get to cycle because there's a big enough safe space to do so!!

Thought him how to brake whilst going downhill and to cycle faster and more effort whilst going uphill!!!


Since moving here he has been able to be more confident in water and learn to use the bicycle more. Next is to teach him to cycle without training wheels.

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