Feels good to know your boss is battling it out with senior leadership team to score you an "exceeded expectations" rating.

Last Sunday we went to somewhere in yishun to look at long kang fishes.

And….there were no fishes to fish. I saw a few dead ones at the bottom of the man made long kang

There was a pond for fishing and also a few prawning and yabbing pools.

I don't think I have the patience to sit n prawn.

Daddy and Isaac twinning outfit. Walking along the fish pond to look at lumbering fishes and lily ponds.

To overcome our disappointment, we ate some Thai desserts.

Having coconut ice cream and a side of deep fried pork skin.

Yup that's my son!

Pork cracklings ftw!

Bought the toastbox card because my office pantry is renovating.

So no water supply and coffee making is suspended. 😭😭😭

Need my coffee. So this is a must. Ok la comes up to $1.60 for a cup of coffee?

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