👦🏻:Good morning mummy! I'm taking picture with your phone!

👩🏻: so what's all this that you took?

👦🏻: oh your room la! And yaya(helper) cleaning la. But she don't wan me to take pic here so go hiding. And also my Dusty (planes) that I colour and the opposite building.

👩🏻: and what else is this?

👦🏻: oh, I'm taking picture of my baby (he calls the care bear soft toy his baby) and my play pen mat. Christmas tree, daddy's chair, the floor. And my bed! Then the pic of the bathroom.

👩🏻: but I can only see ur fingers (scroll the pics n finally saw he took pic of the bathroom)

👦🏻: then I take pic of yaya(helper) again but she close the door! Then I take pic of the food (on the dining table). Oh and also my Dusty plane picture I colored. And my Play Pen!!

👩🏻: *speechless*

👦🏻: I also take pic of the clothes hanging outside (in the balcony), my picture of me (display cabinet with his baby pictures) and the microwave!!

👩🏻: very nice Isaac!

Maybe he will follow the footsteps of his aunt who is a photo-journalist. Can give the old digital camera for him to take pictures la like this.

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