When u feel cold and empty inside…

You go swimming outside in the sun!!

@cikumuffin I realize I have pics but of your daughter. And my son who is trying to console her.

He kept giving her the robo police car thingy to cheer her up.

"Nah nah take it"

Hoping she will stop crying. I guess to him the car makes him happy and he wanted to make her happy too.

Unfortunately, moments after handing it to her, the car dropped right smack on his head and he let out a big cry.

Poor dude, he was trying to help but backed-fired.

Anyway, that night I told him how proud I was that he wanted to make her feel better but it didn't go the way he wanted to cos he keep saying pain the car drop on his head. Haha.

At least I know my son knows how to console? Can't seem to find the right description.

See the scowl on meimeis face.

And his sheepish grin.

Cos moments before he tried to hug her and she pushed him away.

Nvm lo, try again in 15 years time.

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