Satisfying lunch this afternoon.

Love my aburi sushi!!

Teriyaki fish and grill king prawn with sweet potato with mentaiko n cheese sauce.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!

All the presents under the tree are Isaacs one!

Side view.

Yup all his. that is a lot by our standards!!

Thank you to all the dayre aunty and uncle who gave him the gifts. He will open them up tomorrow!

Proud of his self restraint of not ripping everything up when he first saw all the presents. It has slowly been trickling in and now built up to a sizeable nest!

So thank you thank you to our family and also to the dayre community.

And these are my presents!!!

So old already still have ah!!


I've opened them and will use most of them.

Thank you everyone who gifted us all their love too.

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