Content to just fix is Lego train tracks and looking at the instructions.

Cos mummy is having Braxton hicks and can't be arsed…

Daddy is working.

Since Preggie lady is hot all over with a contracting stomach, hubs pack jollibee. First time having it.

Wah I just took a 2.5 hr nap.

And my tummy is still hardish.

Hahaha found a pic in my phone of Isaac taking pictures of his car when I was still sleeping. Me on the right.

Littlest fler is pretty vigorous now a days.

Can't seem to capture the "violent" movements well.

Good night everyone!! Taken 2 hrs ago.

It's been 5 nights since Isaac has been coughing badly.

Had fever Monday night. He was shivering quite badly. It's actually the first time I've seen him shivering like that.

Has been giving him symptomatic relieve but I don't think it's working!

Not sure should I bring him to the peads tomorrow for better medication. Benedryl and Piriton not enough power! I need a mucosolvent.

Having pontian wantan mee. #noodlewars

Sent Isaac to mandarin class. Finally asked to go school. Must be darn bored staying at home for the past 4 days.

No more fever past 3 days but still coughing and nose streaming.

Woke up quite cheerful, so should be safe for mandarin class.

Wah lau!

Sitting next to me is this old aunty playing a game!

So fecking loud ok the music coming from her hand phone!!

You can play as loud as you want in your home but not in quiet places like waiting room of a enrichment class ok!!!

No manners or respect to people around you. Ergh!

Pls tell your parents off if they are a menace to society. I love how Isaac already reminds me to be proper.

Dim sum lunch with hubs.

Salted egg yolk fish skin n BBQ buns

Tunglok cheong fun, har gao and chicken feet.

Find their dim sum a bittttt exp ah. I rather queue at Tim ho wan n eat there haha.

Hehe milk tea snow ice.

I'm going Asian all the way today!

Had a long soak in the tub. With my face mask on and all.

But so ironic.

Once I got out, I had the most painful Braxton hicks ever.

Still very hard the tummy for almost an hour now.

So I'm lying down in the aircon room, chilling.

Isaac is outside making a racket. But it's a good thing cos he just merlion after dinner. We are not sure why too.

He said he ate too much grapes!

Yeay baby has gain 500gms.

He's now 1.6kg.

And I gained 200gm. #proud

Bought maternity nightgown from Mothercare today.

Because some smarty pants kept asking me

"Why your shirt cannot down down over your belly one"

Very observant little fler.

Advice needed

How do you tell your boss that your team member is inefficient?

I know it's not nice to just "rat" out your coworker. But I've just been asked to do something that he should have done 3 months ago.

I feel quite "burdened". If I don't do what he was suppose to do then it would look bad on me right?

But why does everyone need to pick up his slack. Gerhhh. And he gets all the credit?


I have already done what the colleague should have done 3 months ago.

Took me about …. 3 minutes to do it.


Just because I'm an excellent/efficient worker doesn't mean that I should get all the work pushed to me right???

I too have ambitions and want to move upwards. Instead of being self serving, the team (small team, 4 of us) should also be getting things done without burdening the other.

Also lately I feel a little bit invisible.

There is some sense of isolation. And exhaustion.

Although I look very energetic at work and on top of things.

Explains all my Angsty-ness on this post n last post.

Shit. PPD starting so soon already?? I haven't give birth yet.

I don't know why but on group chats I feel invincible. On all the groups.


Think baby thoughts.

Tomorrow will be another review with the obstetrician.

Hope the baby is not on the small side and has actually grown abit. 1.5kg hopefully???

Submitted a big application today!

But I forgot to sell myself.

Luckily my boss picked it up and told the whole company from the GM to the Medical Director and the Business/Marketing lead.

Really should make more noise la me.

Delivered my work baby for this year (as aptly put by my GM) now if littlest fler decides to come early, I'm also ready! But eh, don't come out so early. Maybe another 5 weeks?

Shit la I cannot sleep

1. I dam pissed off my maid thinks the crib I assembled for new baby is a dumping ground for stuff. Dam CB. She stupid or what!

Untidiest maid ever!!!

See!!! Proof ok! I never simply say.

Bitch please. I really think I'm much neater person and I clean and cook better. But who's got time for that shit when I'm pregnant and work full time.

I'm dam pissed off but my husband doesn't see this. I like things to be neat and tidy ok!

2. Again with the dumping ground for things.

Wtf grocery trolley bag is for you to stuff shit inside one meh???

And all my paper bags you just bloody fold them and stuff them in!!

Tell me how am I suppose to reuse the paper bags now??

And my reusable IKEA bag! Can stuff until like kiam chye!

Dam pissed la. So CB!!

I'm the one arranging things and keeping tidy in the house.

Isn't that supposed to be the maids job???

Basic things to declutter and keep things tidy right?

I should have never renew her contract. I've already told husband that but he says we keep her cos familiar with Isaac n his food allergy.

Everyday I feel like killing her and her idoacy!

Your job as an employee is to anticipate the needs of your employer.

Husband I hope you read this!

Sort this shit out with this maid.

Tell her I like things neat and tidy because you wanted to keep her. Not my problem!

Before I lose my shit and fire her ass!

And your problem to get me a fantastic replacement maid! Ok!??

Enough with your bloody sketching already. I am up to here with everyone doing their own things!

She dam ho mia ok. Grocery shopping is also I do one. I order online the meats n stuff.

She only need to do basic grocery like isaacs food and her food n whatever fresh veg is available.

She doesn't bath Isaac in the evening and after dinner by 8pm she's in her room already.

I still need to settle Isaac n organize the house?? Too much ok.

Good morning!

Oats and strawberry for breakfast.

Used the new ezpz silicon bowl n mat bought from expo. Very impressed by it because it won't topple and stay stuck to the table.

Art jamming time.

Also means OCD therapy time. I'm learning not to be OCD.

He's enjoying it.

I know someone gave him the apron, but I'm not sure who.

Anyway thank you for it!!

Yea, get in to it.

His masterpiece!

Surprisingly I'm ok with it. Even got my hands dirty putting on paint on his stamp.

Proof that I got my hands dirty too.

And they are off swimming whilst I OCD in my wardrobe.

OCD 1 isaacs and didi's wardrobe.

Organized it by category. Bought all the clothes origanizer from IKEA yesterday. 90% done. Haven't label and pack even more err according to category yet.

Oh on the side note manage to get the bouncer that I wanted!



My pink pv leather shorts has black stain transferred from my black pv leather shorts!!

Cannot wear anymore have to throw!! 😭😭😭

I feel very underpaid!

Today a friend who was not working for 2 years and also my junior of 2 years working experience just told me that she got offered a certain amount which was a lot more than what I'm currently getting.

That makes her about 3-4 years behind in working experience yet getting paid higher than me!

She stayed home to take care of her child for 2 years which is great and what I would have chosen too if I knew I would get paid more.

I feel cheated la!

I think I shall do a medical degree.

I just need to find a way to fund it.

Any body has any pointers where to start looking for funds??

It's what I've always wanted to do and now I'm quite certain I should do it.

After all, I have another 35 years of working life more, better do something that would derive a better satisfaction than pushing papers.

Not to mention return of investment.

And with a MBBS or MD, another world of options in job will open up.

I can go the clinical path, the pharma path or the private make money path. Not to mention the aesthetic $$$$ path.

And what I love is, everyone who I mention this to thinks I will be a good doctor.

Batdudes colleagues who are mostly in training to be associate consultants etc told me to go for it!

Vote of confidence all the way.

Most of them think I will be a dam good obstetrician and gynecologist. And maybe rheumatologist. That's dam high praise!! 😍😍😍

Money money come my way!

I need about $250k! Batdude says we have enough for 2.5 years school fees and will support me.

Ok imma find a time to do the entrance exams.

Let me give birth first! See my promotion status in current company. Then off I go if it looks shit!

Updates on week 30 pregnancy and check up a few days ago.

Mothers weight gain is 11kg.

Baby's weight is 1.1kg.

Fml, baby is literally only 10% of total weight gain.

Although at growth scan I tot he looked very handsome. #bias #ownselfsay

Complete opposite of what I thought of Isaac. During scans I tot Isaac was dam ugly with squished face!!! Like alien!!

Placenta is good, amniotic fluid adequate. Moms BP less than 120/60. I've always had lowish BP although I'm big size. It's weird I can't comprehend it.

Baby head is downwards position.

Kicks and moves quite strong although not as violent as 4-5 weeks ago. Maybe got less space now so movements are not "everywhere" but more concentrate and strong.

My sleep pattern is good. Maybe cos we have a good mattress, so no backache etc of that sort.

Also my feet has not swelled at this stage, not had leg cramps and generally still quite mobile. I don't know why pregnancy #1 my feet increased size and had daily leg cramps which made me miss work!

I still can wear sexy heels and some non-pregnant working clothes.

Face has not completely swelled up. Maybe the nose has gotten Abit more plushy then I like them to be.

With another 10 weeks to go, I'm pretty excited to meet our new didi!!!

Maybe all the shopping for baby things is making me excited!! Best is we are getting much better quality things for this baby. Eg: Stokke scoot pram, infant car seat and the foldable bath.

Also new ergo 360 carrier.
Basically all for me! Haha.

For maternity family shoot and newborn baby shoot, we've contracted my SIL to take photos for us.

Told her specifically we will be paying her and expect all the shots to be given to us.

Of cos, bossy sil (yours truly) will have a say in the direction of how the shots will go. Mostly naked pics of pregnant me la. In black and white, so then u won't get to see my white "Chinese pear spongy protector" that you call stretch marks.

Said fruit wrapper. The white stretchy bits to protect individual fruit.

Yes, it's that bad. But it doesn't stop me from wearing a bikini cos I don't give a feck if ppl admire my marks or not.

Conversations with another mom to be whether post-natal urut/massage is nessecary.

Ya that's my typical no nonsense straight talking.

I totally believe in post natal massage cos after 1 month I can wear my skinny jeans liow. Then I progressively got fatter after that la but that's another story. (Bad food choices n inability to cope with newborn/work and household chores took a toll. I ate my feelings!)

Not to mention helped my milk flow and gave me a chance to shower during confinement 😈


Because it's afternoon chocolate tea time at max brenner.

Peanut butter banana crepe. Woot!

My salted caramel hot chocolate.

Impromptu dessert date la.

Suppose to go Mothercare baby fair one.

But FOL la. Reach only the queue is at least 50 ppl long. Detour! Gonna pop in again to see if the queue lets up. Wanted to check out a few more stuff here n there.

Also didn't expect to have a crowd cos it's almost the last day. Thursday I came I just walked in!

Relax time!

While batdude takes Isaac out for a scoot in the park, mummy has got some serious relaxation to do!

Wooo, preparing for down time.

Guess what's this.

Die bear, die.

Went for my oral glucose tolerance test today.

Good news is my sugar level is normal

Also went to the Mothercare baby fair in harbourfront n got some grobag, a swaddle, a new breast pump with hands free collection cup and gel toothpaste for Isaac.

Then came back and nua whole day because had quite bad Braxton hicks throughout the evening.

Think was tiredness from Isaac trashing about last night from his block nose.

This puddle jumper is the bomb.

No more holding on to him.

So I'm re-reading Ina Mays guide to child birth again

I do not want to give birth in a cold sterile hospital.

Yeap, same issue as with Isaac. Have always felt that I wanted to give birth at home.

Of course batdude denied me this privileged and therefore I denied him the privileged of him being there for the birth of his first son.

Subconsciously, maybe I knew he already "abandoned" me with what I wanted for the birth so to the universe I said "let's do this shit alone!"

With the impending birth in the next 10-11 weeks, I'm starting to get this "I wan to give birth my way" again.

Now I don't even have a proper obstetrician with me. I feel abandoned again with no proper continuous care.

I just told him "I'm not going to the hospital to give birth"

Haha should have seen the look on batdudes face.

Ok I've mentally compromised and thought, ok I will go once I'm fully dilated. And when contractions are shorter than 3 minutes apart.

But I do not want the obstetrician to dictate the birth

I do not want her to burst my water bag "cos it's taking to long".

I don't want to have pitocin to "speed things up"

All because she wants the process to be sped up. Like I'm taking too much of her time and she has no patience with her patients at all.

Sooooooo, can I not go to the hospital? Can I just like "opps, took a bath, accidentally delivered in the shower?"

Hahaha would be so happy if that happens.

I want to be an empowered patient.

I want to make the choice. I'm not fool-hardy to just refuse intervention just because I want a intervention free birth.

I am confident in what I can handle and cannot. I just don't want anybody to tell me that I can't handle it and I need to do this or that now.

I'm not paying someone to tell me what to do. I need some one to do the right thing if things are not right. That's all.

If everything is going right

I don't understand why you have to intervene or suggest a c-sect or episiotomy or what not just because it's "taking to long"

Just for your convenience, you destroy a women's perfect body and her self confidence as well.

Decisions, decisions.

As for now, I need to finish up all my pending work before I pop!!!

#29 weeks and still as busy as hell!!

Go go go!!!!!

And I thought I've already reduced my work load.

Oh well!!!

I have new toys to play with!!! So happy.

Spin baby, spin.

25 make up brushes and a make up belt.

Celebrated Sophie's 2nd birthday too!!

Honored to be your guest on this birthday and also the last 1yo birthday.

Blowing candle time. Video n pics courtesy of @strawbee

I didn't take any pictures because busy eating awesome nasi lemak!

Me and Isaac and his new didi. Haha

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

This Asian baby is messing with my gluten-intolerant, dairy-intolerant, non processed grass fed lifestyle of mine.

So I just got a msg from a friend n told me not to worry about Isaacs allergy too much.

And she proceeds to tell me that she just intubated and resuuss a nurses kid who went into anaphylactic shock with bronchospasm after consuming scallops.

He is now brain dead/damaged due to hypoxia.

Dafuq. That's kind of stupid right? Tell me not to worry and told me a kid is brain dead cos allergy.

Wtf is that suppose to achieve.

I'm more pissed than having sympathy

Or any other feeling.

Pissed at her audacity?? Or lack of tack?

Some ppl are dam weird.

And I've not spoken to her in years!

Anyway I told her I'm NOT WORRIED. truthfully we are not because we know what he is allergic to. It is just constant vigilance.

It is part of Isaacs life and our lives.

It's just like me accepting I'm dam chio and there is nothing I can do about it *flips hair*.

I don't know what gave her the impression that I or we are worried.

(In case u all really think I behiaubah and totally #taktaumalu, the part about me being chio is a joke ok?)

Just making light of a #jipaboom situation.

Steps to understand my son, Isaac better.

At least I know he has got my back. 😍

Reference for the future JieJie n meimei who wanna er hold his hands.

My moody tender hearted boy who feels too deeply.

Must keep in mind of his sensitive-ness.

Loves family and friends, so maybe didi coming in wont be such a big problem. I'm sure he will love him, just make sure he doesn't feel left out. Get him involved.

Ask him to teach didi how to swim, do artwork together and home based hobbies.

Great for his daddy! Cos he loves art n drawing. You got a painting buddy with you!

Maybe having a didi born in the year of the monkey will bring him out of his shell. Haha #punny

Pork salad for lunch today!

Nursery Day 1

Super moody first day.

Refuse to wake up, eat breakfast, change uniform or to brush teeth.

Everything had to drag him to do with tears.

Moody toilet break before heading to mandarin class.

Yes! School is over!!

9.30am and we r done. It will still be till 9.30 till Wednesday.

Now I'm off to work!

Diet Day 1

I have removed all the bad food from the house. It was DELICIOUS

Cc: @doooduuu and everybody else dieting. Hehe

I have succumbed to the dark side.

Cc: @calvinadawn @hotcakes @delight

All this for only $93 and now I'm a kiddea member! Thanks to @calvinadawn heads up, I just randomly stroll in and a few designs caught my eye.

I also took stock of Isaacs previous baby clothes, and they weren't enough because had to throw so many away due to it being out of shape and some were badly stained and had fungus!!

Now didi can look totally swanky.

Plus the fabric is sooo sooo soft. I did stroll into cotton on kids to look at the baby clothes, and oh dear, after touching PB fabric, cotton on was like 'wipe leg cloth fabric'. Price at cotton on no sale was Abit more exp then PB after sale.

No brainer la. Buy at PB!


Calling all mamas in Malaysia.

Anyone knows when the next Mothercare Malaysia sale will be on?

And if Stokke strollers goes on sale during these type of sale?

Good morning and happy new year!

For 2016

πŸ’ I will have an orgasmic, pain free birth.

🐡 #2 will be born healthy with smooth baby skin.

🐲 KorKor Isaac will be a loving and helpful brother.

πŸŽ€ My mammary glands will produce enough milk for both of the brothers.

πŸ‘™ My figure will be at the best it will ever be, 6 months after birth.

πŸ’‘ Our relationship will be as loving and supportive for years to come.

🎁 I will be promoted to associate manager or manager with a big bonus.

🍭 I will live life graciously and with elegance.

And to have the most awesomest friendship online and offline!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ€˜πŸΌ

New year dinner! Mini bowl of overflowing ikura.