Diet Day 1

I have removed all the bad food from the house. It was DELICIOUS

Cc: @doooduuu and everybody else dieting. Hehe

I have succumbed to the dark side.

Cc: @calvinadawn @hotcakes @delight

All this for only $93 and now I'm a kiddea member! Thanks to @calvinadawn heads up, I just randomly stroll in and a few designs caught my eye.

I also took stock of Isaacs previous baby clothes, and they weren't enough because had to throw so many away due to it being out of shape and some were badly stained and had fungus!!

Now didi can look totally swanky.

Plus the fabric is sooo sooo soft. I did stroll into cotton on kids to look at the baby clothes, and oh dear, after touching PB fabric, cotton on was like 'wipe leg cloth fabric'. Price at cotton on no sale was Abit more exp then PB after sale.

No brainer la. Buy at PB!


Calling all mamas in Malaysia.

Anyone knows when the next Mothercare Malaysia sale will be on?

And if Stokke strollers goes on sale during these type of sale?

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