Updates on week 30 pregnancy and check up a few days ago.

Mothers weight gain is 11kg.

Baby's weight is 1.1kg.

Fml, baby is literally only 10% of total weight gain.

Although at growth scan I tot he looked very handsome. #bias #ownselfsay

Complete opposite of what I thought of Isaac. During scans I tot Isaac was dam ugly with squished face!!! Like alien!!

Placenta is good, amniotic fluid adequate. Moms BP less than 120/60. I've always had lowish BP although I'm big size. It's weird I can't comprehend it.

Baby head is downwards position.

Kicks and moves quite strong although not as violent as 4-5 weeks ago. Maybe got less space now so movements are not "everywhere" but more concentrate and strong.

My sleep pattern is good. Maybe cos we have a good mattress, so no backache etc of that sort.

Also my feet has not swelled at this stage, not had leg cramps and generally still quite mobile. I don't know why pregnancy #1 my feet increased size and had daily leg cramps which made me miss work!

I still can wear sexy heels and some non-pregnant working clothes.

Face has not completely swelled up. Maybe the nose has gotten Abit more plushy then I like them to be.

With another 10 weeks to go, I'm pretty excited to meet our new didi!!!

Maybe all the shopping for baby things is making me excited!! Best is we are getting much better quality things for this baby. Eg: Stokke scoot pram, infant car seat and the foldable bath.

Also new ergo 360 carrier.
Basically all for me! Haha.

For maternity family shoot and newborn baby shoot, we've contracted my SIL to take photos for us.

Told her specifically we will be paying her and expect all the shots to be given to us.

Of cos, bossy sil (yours truly) will have a say in the direction of how the shots will go. Mostly naked pics of pregnant me la. In black and white, so then u won't get to see my white "Chinese pear spongy protector" that you call stretch marks.

Said fruit wrapper. The white stretchy bits to protect individual fruit.

Yes, it's that bad. But it doesn't stop me from wearing a bikini cos I don't give a feck if ppl admire my marks or not.

Conversations with another mom to be whether post-natal urut/massage is nessecary.

Ya that's my typical no nonsense straight talking.

I totally believe in post natal massage cos after 1 month I can wear my skinny jeans liow. Then I progressively got fatter after that la but that's another story. (Bad food choices n inability to cope with newborn/work and household chores took a toll. I ate my feelings!)

Not to mention helped my milk flow and gave me a chance to shower during confinement 😈


Because it's afternoon chocolate tea time at max brenner.

Peanut butter banana crepe. Woot!

My salted caramel hot chocolate.

Impromptu dessert date la.

Suppose to go Mothercare baby fair one.

But FOL la. Reach only the queue is at least 50 ppl long. Detour! Gonna pop in again to see if the queue lets up. Wanted to check out a few more stuff here n there.

Also didn't expect to have a crowd cos it's almost the last day. Thursday I came I just walked in!

Relax time!

While batdude takes Isaac out for a scoot in the park, mummy has got some serious relaxation to do!

Wooo, preparing for down time.

Guess what's this.

Die bear, die.

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