I feel very underpaid!

Today a friend who was not working for 2 years and also my junior of 2 years working experience just told me that she got offered a certain amount which was a lot more than what I'm currently getting.

That makes her about 3-4 years behind in working experience yet getting paid higher than me!

She stayed home to take care of her child for 2 years which is great and what I would have chosen too if I knew I would get paid more.

I feel cheated la!

I think I shall do a medical degree.

I just need to find a way to fund it.

Any body has any pointers where to start looking for funds??

It's what I've always wanted to do and now I'm quite certain I should do it.

After all, I have another 35 years of working life more, better do something that would derive a better satisfaction than pushing papers.

Not to mention return of investment.

And with a MBBS or MD, another world of options in job will open up.

I can go the clinical path, the pharma path or the private make money path. Not to mention the aesthetic $$$$ path.

And what I love is, everyone who I mention this to thinks I will be a good doctor.

Batdudes colleagues who are mostly in training to be associate consultants etc told me to go for it!

Vote of confidence all the way.

Most of them think I will be a dam good obstetrician and gynecologist. And maybe rheumatologist. That's dam high praise!! 😍😍😍

Money money come my way!

I need about $250k! Batdude says we have enough for 2.5 years school fees and will support me.

Ok imma find a time to do the entrance exams.

Let me give birth first! See my promotion status in current company. Then off I go if it looks shit!

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