Good morning!

Oats and strawberry for breakfast.

Used the new ezpz silicon bowl n mat bought from expo. Very impressed by it because it won't topple and stay stuck to the table.

Art jamming time.

Also means OCD therapy time. I'm learning not to be OCD.

He's enjoying it.

I know someone gave him the apron, but I'm not sure who.

Anyway thank you for it!!

Yea, get in to it.

His masterpiece!

Surprisingly I'm ok with it. Even got my hands dirty putting on paint on his stamp.

Proof that I got my hands dirty too.

And they are off swimming whilst I OCD in my wardrobe.

OCD 1 isaacs and didi's wardrobe.

Organized it by category. Bought all the clothes origanizer from IKEA yesterday. 90% done. Haven't label and pack even more err according to category yet.

Oh on the side note manage to get the bouncer that I wanted!



My pink pv leather shorts has black stain transferred from my black pv leather shorts!!

Cannot wear anymore have to throw!! 😭😭😭

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