Submitted a big application today!

But I forgot to sell myself.

Luckily my boss picked it up and told the whole company from the GM to the Medical Director and the Business/Marketing lead.

Really should make more noise la me.

Delivered my work baby for this year (as aptly put by my GM) now if littlest fler decides to come early, I'm also ready! But eh, don't come out so early. Maybe another 5 weeks?

Shit la I cannot sleep

1. I dam pissed off my maid thinks the crib I assembled for new baby is a dumping ground for stuff. Dam CB. She stupid or what!

Untidiest maid ever!!!

See!!! Proof ok! I never simply say.

Bitch please. I really think I'm much neater person and I clean and cook better. But who's got time for that shit when I'm pregnant and work full time.

I'm dam pissed off but my husband doesn't see this. I like things to be neat and tidy ok!

2. Again with the dumping ground for things.

Wtf grocery trolley bag is for you to stuff shit inside one meh???

And all my paper bags you just bloody fold them and stuff them in!!

Tell me how am I suppose to reuse the paper bags now??

And my reusable IKEA bag! Can stuff until like kiam chye!

Dam pissed la. So CB!!

I'm the one arranging things and keeping tidy in the house.

Isn't that supposed to be the maids job???

Basic things to declutter and keep things tidy right?

I should have never renew her contract. I've already told husband that but he says we keep her cos familiar with Isaac n his food allergy.

Everyday I feel like killing her and her idoacy!

Your job as an employee is to anticipate the needs of your employer.

Husband I hope you read this!

Sort this shit out with this maid.

Tell her I like things neat and tidy because you wanted to keep her. Not my problem!

Before I lose my shit and fire her ass!

And your problem to get me a fantastic replacement maid! Ok!??

Enough with your bloody sketching already. I am up to here with everyone doing their own things!

She dam ho mia ok. Grocery shopping is also I do one. I order online the meats n stuff.

She only need to do basic grocery like isaacs food and her food n whatever fresh veg is available.

She doesn't bath Isaac in the evening and after dinner by 8pm she's in her room already.

I still need to settle Isaac n organize the house?? Too much ok.

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