Advice needed

How do you tell your boss that your team member is inefficient?

I know it's not nice to just "rat" out your coworker. But I've just been asked to do something that he should have done 3 months ago.

I feel quite "burdened". If I don't do what he was suppose to do then it would look bad on me right?

But why does everyone need to pick up his slack. Gerhhh. And he gets all the credit?


I have already done what the colleague should have done 3 months ago.

Took me about …. 3 minutes to do it.


Just because I'm an excellent/efficient worker doesn't mean that I should get all the work pushed to me right???

I too have ambitions and want to move upwards. Instead of being self serving, the team (small team, 4 of us) should also be getting things done without burdening the other.

Also lately I feel a little bit invisible.

There is some sense of isolation. And exhaustion.

Although I look very energetic at work and on top of things.

Explains all my Angsty-ness on this post n last post.

Shit. PPD starting so soon already?? I haven't give birth yet.

I don't know why but on group chats I feel invincible. On all the groups.


Think baby thoughts.

Tomorrow will be another review with the obstetrician.

Hope the baby is not on the small side and has actually grown abit. 1.5kg hopefully???

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