It's been 5 nights since Isaac has been coughing badly.

Had fever Monday night. He was shivering quite badly. It's actually the first time I've seen him shivering like that.

Has been giving him symptomatic relieve but I don't think it's working!

Not sure should I bring him to the peads tomorrow for better medication. Benedryl and Piriton not enough power! I need a mucosolvent.

Having pontian wantan mee. #noodlewars

Sent Isaac to mandarin class. Finally asked to go school. Must be darn bored staying at home for the past 4 days.

No more fever past 3 days but still coughing and nose streaming.

Woke up quite cheerful, so should be safe for mandarin class.

Wah lau!

Sitting next to me is this old aunty playing a game!

So fecking loud ok the music coming from her hand phone!!

You can play as loud as you want in your home but not in quiet places like waiting room of a enrichment class ok!!!

No manners or respect to people around you. Ergh!

Pls tell your parents off if they are a menace to society. I love how Isaac already reminds me to be proper.

Dim sum lunch with hubs.

Salted egg yolk fish skin n BBQ buns

Tunglok cheong fun, har gao and chicken feet.

Find their dim sum a bittttt exp ah. I rather queue at Tim ho wan n eat there haha.

Hehe milk tea snow ice.

I'm going Asian all the way today!

Had a long soak in the tub. With my face mask on and all.

But so ironic.

Once I got out, I had the most painful Braxton hicks ever.

Still very hard the tummy for almost an hour now.

So I'm lying down in the aircon room, chilling.

Isaac is outside making a racket. But it's a good thing cos he just merlion after dinner. We are not sure why too.

He said he ate too much grapes!

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