Isaacs Epistaxis episode.

Breakfast today.

Fired nian kao and pulut hitam sprinkled with palm sugar.


Omg Isaac suddenly nose bleed!!!

He cried cos I wasn't in bed, outside chit chatting with daddy. I think he woke up to pee then cried cos I'm not there.

Maybe the dry nose due to his runny nose made his nose bleed.


Also happy at the same time that in 3 nights in a row he woke up and ask to go to toilet to pee. #win

Can see ah some of the dried up blood.

Poor boy, what's happening to you?

I cannot brain this

Yesterday I was trying to pack for my hospital bag. Choosing my going home clothes, how many old undies to bring etc.

Then Isaac ask me
πŸ‘ΌπŸ»"where are you going?"
πŸ‘©πŸ»: packing for the hospital to deliver didi.
πŸ‘ΌπŸ»: why you need to go to the hospital?
πŸ‘©πŸ»: because daddy don't let me deliver at home.
πŸ‘ΌπŸ»: but if you go hospital, didi will beat you (I think he says beat to everything that he doesn't like)
πŸ‘©πŸ»: no I need to go to the hospital. When I stomach ache, my stomach will push didi

out from my private parts. Then he will be born!
πŸ‘ΌπŸ»: *stun look* – must be thinking wtf is this mummy talking about? Didi coming out from private part???

Opps. Maybe too much factual info for him??

Tonight I got to read him the story book about new baby brother coming home.


I cannot brain this!

*brain explodes*

Yes I made him do that.


First time seeing maternity pads up close and personal.

Ok I'm bringing 6 pcs of it (6X4hrly per change, enough for 24 hrs la hor) and 4 extra large night heavy flow normal pads.

I hope it's enough!

Breakfast time!

Oats, blueberries and strawberries.

Wah Wah wah

There's a rave in my belly right now. And it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon!!

It's been going on for an hour. Batdude felt it too and said he's dam violent.

Tell me about it. I shift to right side, he will dig dig dig and kick kick kick under the right ribs.

I shift left side, he dig left side and kick the right ribs.

I cannot find a comfy position. Just now I was super sleepy, now I'm just waiting for his party to stop.

My belly swaying left and right haha.

Resting Bitch Face


Wore something so see through. I didn't realize my tummy on show. Hahha.

Sorry public, love my tummy Abit la hor for today.


Confirmed I have a resting bitch face.

Cos Isaac ask me "mummy I wan go sheeshee"

So I said ok let's go!

N he had a look at my face and went "why, why your face angry? What happen?"

Shit!!!! I need to work on my chillax face.

Now my son also asking me y my face like that!

As I was leaving for work, I bumped into Isaacs schoolmates mom.

Pleasantly surprised she is also expecting her 2nd one. Chatted and got to know her due date is on 24th March.

Wow so near mine too! And I asked her where she's going to give birth. She says doing a home birth!!!

#jibaboom to say I'm jealous is an understatement.

She is following up with a gynea at thomson medical center but a midwife will come over and help her out during the home birth.

Now that's a truly empowered plan

Batdude, I also want.

Why you don't let me birth at home.


Now I'll always be wondering of the 'what if's and if I will ever truly have the birth that I desire.

I feel so sad now.


Screw you and your medical "knowledge" and fear la.

Feel like going home and cry.

Readjust my expectations so I don't be a bitter lady who didn't get to home birth.

I'm so going to be a obgyn who specializes in home birth. Get my Arsenal of midwives who are birthing expert. Come see me if u want a beautiful/private and safe home birth ok.

Because I totally know where u are coming from. Just wanting a safe haven to do the most natural thing in the world.

I love you too.

Create your own McDonalds!!!

Grilled octopus.


Salted cod fish tacos.

Also Yums.

Fajitas that looked like pasta. Yums also!

Karubuta pork carnitas taco.


And churros.

Not nice. Very heavy and dank. Not very sweet also.

All this at El Mero Mero in chijmes.

Food has a refined taste to it. Very good Mexican in Singapore so far for me!!


Wah raining like feck!

I'm drenched after crossing the traffic light even with my brolly.

Suddenly windy. Looks like can't take Isaac out for a bicycle spin.

Slept for 11 hours!!

Feeling so fatigued last night, I didn't even have appetite for dinner.

Slept from 7.45pm until 6.45am this morning!


Isaac also slept the same duration as me.

Spied on him. Came back from school ok.

Playing with his xylophone in his play pen. #stalkermomseries

Special delivery from Queen bee!

Omg, she no do things half ass one!

I just mentioned I want pastries and the whole bakery is delivered.

@strawbee thank you so much!!!

Just in time for tea. Ok la batdude, I bring back home some for u. Haha.

We are home!!!!

Got discharged at close to 12pm.

I'm going to crash first.


Woke up bright and cheery this morning at 7.15am.

But when nurse came in with his meds, he faster pretend to lie down and said I'm still sleeping.

Mother is still zombie throughout.

Admitted again for Anaphylaxis reaction.


Back at alma mater.

Ok no la, Isaac had an allergic reaction again.

Ate 2 raisin roll which he had before.

Ate at about 11-11.30am the first roll followed shortly by the second roll.

Was fine. Ate all his biscuits too. And some fries.

Then at about 12.30 he got redder and redder and started scratching his fingers and neck.

Ask daddy to wash his face, neck and hands because we thought maybe it's heat rash.

Got back from toilet he looked even redder!! Quickly gave him 5mls zrytec.

Faster paid for the lunch and tot to rush back home to shower him to maybe wash away some contact allergen.

Face got more red n swollen. Waiting for traffic light I saw his hands getting more swollen and welts coming out already!

Palms n ears turning red. Shouted at the father, let's go hospital la!!! Father said wait.

Wtf. Isaac heard the word hospital, refused to go n cried.

Suddenly vomited. Cried sumore.

I was trying to hailed a cab and cursing the father at same time.

Then he vomitted again.

Frus no cab, got uber. But waiting for uber, manage to flag a taxi.

Got into cab, cancelled uber, told taxi uncle "to KKH emergency please!"

Lucky kkh just down the road.

Told emergency had an allergic reaction.

BP ok, oxygen ok. Saw dr. Took history.

Plan: 1 hour observation, 15mg prednisolone given orally.

Need to be admitted for observation because this round involved 2 system. His skin and gastro.

Anyway this reaction is the worse since March 2013.

2.15pm, we are admitted for 24 hr observation!

Told him to look at me to note down his reaction. Face no more swollen and just Abit of residual rash on face.

Can show peace sign. No pain anywhere.

Nurse gave orientation already.

Nurse ask him whether he wants the SpO2 monitor on his fingers or toes, he chose fingers.

Too bad fingers too small cannot detect.

Oh, he also told the nurse his shoes are blue in colour, his fav colour.

Seriously ah.

So toes it is!

Now eyes glued to watching Disney Junior channel. He ask the nurse to on tv already.

Pfffttt. Ok anyone wants to visit, we are at children tower. Visiting hours from 10am to 8pm.

Sense of Humor

In the ward, cos I was sitting on the bed, he ask me "mummy are you sick? Is that why we are here?"

I said no la! It's you who needs to be admitted and warded.

Then he said "I'm not sick!! Must be you la!"

Hahaha ok. Then now eyes glued to the TV. It's a holiday for him.

Registrar came to check him out. Confirmed allergic reaction. Incidental findings of swollen nose turbinate. Uvula is ok not inflamed.

Probably some beginnings of allergic rhinitis. Ahhh expected la.

Shoot! Went back n bath. N I'm not sure my mucous plug came out or what.

Hastily pack my maternity bag. Went to look for some newborn clothes. Not sure where it is!!!

Went looking for newborn diapers. Grab 5.

Looked for swaddle. Wtf is it. Ok found.

Grab 1 maternity pj, 2 old undies, 5 extra large pads cos not sure where my maternity pads r!

Grab my antenatal files.

Ok walking to bus stop. Having some Mild backache n shooting petpet pain.

Ok on the bus now. Go to Isaac ward first and see how I'm feeling.

Prolly nothing. Maybe wanna poop.

Hopefully no extra pain.

Heh #drama or what!!!

Wah lau whole day watching tv

Manage to move into a first class room.

Got an even BIGGER TV!

No need to sleep already la this boy!!!!

I'm so tired but cannot sleep la.

Isaac knocked out at 9.15pm, almost 6 hours of watching tv non-stop.

Didi is kicking non-stop in my tummy. So active!!!

Daddy is snoring on the couch.

I'm on the bed with Isaac. Lucky they didn't change to a cot bed so I can squeeze and sleep with him.

And thanks for your concern everybody!

Isaac is ok so far.

And as for me, after dinner I just had some minor Braxton hicks, no more lower back ache and other pains.

I think I'm just tired la and exerted a little bit. Can't wait for tomorrow so we can be discharged. And I can go back and sleep proper!!!

Teh Tarik and re-reading a baby book.

I love this writer because he really quotes RCT studies that was done with good population size. This guy really knows his stuff. Plus he is a development molecular biologist and research consultant. He studies brain development!!

I highly recommend it to mummies to be and to mom with kids up to 5 years old!

Yeay my tosai is here.

Isit me? Or the fruit paradise tart now is freaking small.

And drinking potpourri

34 weeks Antenatal Review

Today's #34weeks review.

So cute! Look like teddy bear.

Can see the eye sockets, nose and mouth parts??

Baby is 2.4kg, put on 800gm in 3 weeks.

Mummy put on 2kg in that time frame. Must be all the CNY gorging. #fail

Also his face is facing and pressing on to my bladder.

Dr commented that his head is already low, very low actually.

Wohooo. Looks like I might deliver early-ish too.

Isaac came out at 37 weeks and if didi is following then I have another 3 weeks only!!!

Bumped into Isaac when he got home and I was dropping off my check up files.

Showed him didi's scan and ask whether he can see anything?

He said "yes! Didi looks like a monkey"

Well, taking a closer look, didi does look like a monkey with the overly large eye socket and rounded head haha.

Went to motherworks at GWC to check out lascal buggy board. Sales person says can fit Stokke scoot, so might KIV to get it.

Then I saw the above πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

Yup, indeed, it's an infant-thingy.


Oh really? Thanks for the footnote. I wouldn't have guessed otherwise!

#snarky #mustbethehormones

Love is

When your colleagues mother whipped up a fresh batch of suan pan zi (abacus yam) for you in the morning!

Her moms makes the yam disc from scratch! And she only fries them up with "liow" when it's time to eat


Behold everybody!!

Peanut cookies made with love by @maryannsee

It's crispy and with just the right amount of sweetness.

But the magic is, it's @choopeechu recipe! Thank you for sharing your recipe on dayre. The special ingredient of pork lard is the bomb!

@xiive I want to marry your wife can ah?

Adele, eat your heart out.


I'm thinking of gathering a few dayre mummies who are giving birth on February/March 2016

What do you guys think of setting up a dayre whatsapp chat group on the late/sleepless nights worrying about your newborn, feeding in the quiet still night.

Pouring out your frustrations and exhaustion to someone FOR SURE will be in the same boat as you, probably nursing your bub as the same time as you.

Not only that, get to complain about our lochia, our stitches from vaginal tear or from ceaser.

The pain! The sting! And how much blood is too much blood!

What say you girls?

Good idea?

I don't want to have the baby blues again.

I don't wan to feel isolated again.

I don't want to be the only one who think I am crazy and useless for being this way.

@yellojelloo @jayelleenelial @delight

What say you? Please, anybody else who is giving birth roughly the same time as us, feel free to join.

I wish that someone could have told me all this things earlier especially the lochia and the stinging petpet pain!

3rd Lou sang of the year and with my company.

Holy!!! Lou until nothing left on the plate!!!

The Switzerland guy from our region office got a shocked! Haha. I had bits of Yee sang on my hair too!!!

This year gonna be a HUAT year ah.

Oh and our GM gave us quite a big angpow too! πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅

She was so excited saying "it's fun giving away money which is not yours!"

I love her. Haha.

Any other #dayremummies out there?

Who is going to had a newborn late February and March 2016??

If you don't mind, can drop me your number at

I don't think any block duct issue or engorgement or crack nipples or sore vagina/perineum or wound is gonna faze me or get too much!

We can share tips how to sooth all this!!!

Andddd I must thank our #dayrefairygodmother before the CNY is over!!!

@strawbee such a generous hamper!!!!

Normal ppl only give 1 hamper but she must up the game and give 2 lo! And the other one not normal hamper sumore. It's full of goodies like bird nest, ginkgo nuts, dried mushroom and bkt spice for Isaac!!

Thank you so much Sya!

Sneak peak of today's maternity shoot.

Look at my beautiful dragon egg, stretch marks and all.

Korkor pretending to listen to what didi has to say.

And happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!!

My SIL was the photographer for this shoot.

No naked pictures la cos not "feeling it".

Just wanted a simple family shoot of us 3 before didi join us.

All shots posted on dayre taken by husband.

Real pics still with SIL. Haven't edit out all them stretch marks and make face slimmer. Haha.

#34weeks #bumpshot #34weekspregnant

Practicing my "labour" face.

#doublechin #fishlips #stillwanttohavebabywithme #hecrazy


Because I finally have data. Heheh.


Back to our bedroom, back to routine.

Tomorrow, Isaac is going back to his mandarin class. Wooop!!

Good night! 😴😴

You know it's the holidays when you don't even get up to play. Haha.

My first lousang this year with high school friend and her bf at The Hans restaurant in gardens.

Soft shell crab lousang. Not bad.

Dim sum…. #eateateat at the Hans restaurant.

Ok now back home I'm so tired I'm getting cramps everywhere.

Dinner with my family.

Curry fish head, salted egg yolk hea ko, marmite pork and obligatory vege.

Having dessert now.

Salted egg yolk charcoal waffle with durian, rocher and mint choc pcs.

Fasterly cut out 1/4 of waffle out for kong kong n his durian

This morning duck noodles at Pun Chun Kota Kemuning branch.


Banana leaf rice with banjir with crab curry. With fried fish and mutton. #omnyomnyom

Ok my life is complete.

Klang Bakuteh, Stokke Scoot

I want to eat KLANG BAKUTEH!

Moody threenager can't wait to go eat!

Bakuteh with all the trimmings.

Isaac ate 1.5 portion of rice. Wtfbbq.

If this is how it's gonna be like with boys, I can't retire ever. Got to keep working the dough for basics like FOOD.

Maybe it looks better Abit closer up.

Ok yesterday we #buybuybuy for didi already.

At Mothercare subang parade.

And I saved SGD155.

Yup, I did my calculations and even with 15% off Mothercare VIP member in Singapore, Malaysia is still cheaper.

Didi has matching infant car seat, changing bag and Stokke scoot.

Ok, done my motherly duties.

Ok I've set it up. Easy to fold it but takes Abit of practice to unfold it after.

This is front facing for now. Easy to turn it to face mom or face out.

The big baby still can sit on it.

Imma use it for him but he say he doesn't want. He likes his old stroller because this is for didi he said. #notgreedy #noteverythingalsohewant

Big baby pretending to be on sleep mode.

He quite like it. Ask me go around and around the house so he can pretend to sleep.


I love the easy maneuverability of its wheels.

I love it la. Just heavy only after its folded up. At least can fold to take it up bus. Mrt all no need to fold. Easy to lock too.

So question is, should I get the matching parasol and cup holder too??? Ahhaha.

Better enjoy it before didi comes along!

And this is how it looks like with the infant car seat.


Only mum facing and no recline action.

I didn't know the car seat can act as a rocker also. Oh well.

The salesgirl at Mothercare subang parade sure do know their stuff.

And every week at least 1 Stokke is sold. Wah very sellable.

Had Ayer Hitam Penang asam laksa for dinner!

Not bad, but the original one in Penang is more ommph la.

Then went and got my nails did!!!

So cute the monkey!!!! In honor of my monkeys this year.

Fingernails also have!!

Colour Abit Boring la but I think I'm quite boring also. Haha.

Pork, Pork, Noodles, Noodles, Beef.

Legit #noodlewars

Laushi fun and pork innards soup. What more can I ask for?

Oh, kopi-O please!

View when I wake up this morning. Every morning if in seremban.

The unfinished last work of the late George Puah.

It's in the hubs room.

It is also the pic of hubs ex gf (on the left) and my sil.

I wonder what my MIL is trying to tell me.

It's a wonder that we get along sooooo well. 😈


Seremban beef noodles, the starchy kind. Beef tripe, beef slice, tendon etc. Love the peanut and kiam chye mix.


Oh hi crispy pork belly!!!

There was nasi goreng and new goreng but all forgot to take picture. All in da tummehhhh!!!

Wet School Run!

Someone is too cute in his monkey raincoat!!

And tiger boots πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cos I can't find matching monkey boots.

Daddy followed us out today and took shots of us.

Giving him a good bye kiss.

Edit: oh god forgive me for looking like those white mushroom that just sprouted from the damp soil after the rain. So fecking puffy.

Have fun at school!!!

With the helper, going up the overhead bridge and down the road. Luckily school is only 5 mins walk away.

The raincoat was such a good investment since we don't have a car.

Look at you exactly 1 year ago Isaac!

So baby looking. 😍

Ehhehe 2 years ago!!!

Still skinny as ever!

Wah today I got 1 camper!

Nah for you my camper.

Chiobu exactly 2 years ago. I've no idea what happen to her.


And for my 2nd camper!!! A hot and hunky picture for you. Taken 1 year ago.

Oh oh I know what happen!

I don't carry the 12kg weight gain well, baby or no baby.

FYI baby only 1.6kg at last check up, so the rest is me!!

Fail. Next time I grow up I wanna be like @calvinadawn and her gains. Haha.

@doooduuu nah your reward.

Hehhehe. πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

1 year ago when we went to Bangkok