Wet School Run!

Someone is too cute in his monkey raincoat!!

And tiger boots 😂😂😂 cos I can't find matching monkey boots.

Daddy followed us out today and took shots of us.

Giving him a good bye kiss.

Edit: oh god forgive me for looking like those white mushroom that just sprouted from the damp soil after the rain. So fecking puffy.

Have fun at school!!!

With the helper, going up the overhead bridge and down the road. Luckily school is only 5 mins walk away.

The raincoat was such a good investment since we don't have a car.

Look at you exactly 1 year ago Isaac!

So baby looking. 😍

Ehhehe 2 years ago!!!

Still skinny as ever!

Wah today I got 1 camper!

Nah for you my camper.

Chiobu exactly 2 years ago. I've no idea what happen to her.


And for my 2nd camper!!! A hot and hunky picture for you. Taken 1 year ago.

Oh oh I know what happen!

I don't carry the 12kg weight gain well, baby or no baby.

FYI baby only 1.6kg at last check up, so the rest is me!!

Fail. Next time I grow up I wanna be like @calvinadawn and her gains. Haha.

@doooduuu nah your reward.

Hehhehe. 😛😛😛

1 year ago when we went to Bangkok

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